Vintage Travel Notebook

You don't need to travel to own a vintage travel notebook! 

But, if you love to write, take notes, dream, collect quotes, make plans, glue photos of where you've been or where you'd like to be.... then you will absolutely love this premium quality vintage travel notebook. Use it for daily reminders, as a personal diary, to-do list, a quick sketchbook or a place to store momentos.

Standard sized Travelers Notebook
Vintage Travel Notebook

It's time to enjoy your planning! 

The Vintage Traveler's Notebook Bundle comes with three inserts. 

Please choose from grid, dotted, blank, lined, weekly, monthly, daily kraft paper inserts and add this to the box when you order. 

If no choice is made, you will receive a lined paper insert, blank paper and kraft paper notebook.

Vintage Travel Notebook with Fun Accessories

The fun begins the moment you receive your vintage travel notebook and open up the package.

Coffee Vintage Traveler's Notebook

This standard size traveler's notebook is beautifully crafted.  It is hand-made with top layer genuine leather cover, which has a vintage texture and develops character the more you use it. It is soft to touch and the vintage travel notebook bundle comes with:

  • coffee coloured leather cover
  • spare elastic
  • 3 standard size traveler's notebook inserts (can choose from lined, grid, dotted, weekly, daily, blank, kraft notebooks)
  • storage bag
  • brass clip
  • retro stamp
  • vintage postcard
  • random pendant

Standard traveler's notebook size:

It can be confusing when you start researching travelers notebooks to understand the different sizes. This vintage travel notebook, according to the travelers notebook sizes chart is mostly called the standard or regular size travelers notebook.

Measurements of the standard size traveler's notebook are: 22cm x 12.5 cm 

The travelers notebook inserts measurements: 11cm x 21cm

Also - check out the lovely monthly inserts created for your Travelers Notebook - 12 double page spread ready for you to print month by month. Check it out! Perfectly designed monthly planner inserts for your traveler's notebook.

The vintage travel notebook comes with a bunch of extra, fun accessories which alongside the lovely coffee colour - gives this the vintage feel. Included is a vintage postcard, a retro stamp, a brass clip and a random pendant. 

It's the perfect size to add in notes, photos, travel ideas page, glue in ticket stubs, postcards and those little odds and ends you gather on a trip.

Available colours for the Vintage Travel Notebook

The travelers notebook as pictured is the coffee coloured notebook. This leather colour  (as with the black) do not change and has a gloss effect. 

Also available are the 'crazy horse leather' which is made when a wax treatment  is applied to enhance the leather fibres and adds the beneficial properties of water resistance.  Crazy horse leather is made from high grade full grain leather. When the leather is scratched, bent or rubbed, it leaves a naturally distressed look and will change colour over time.  This also give it the popular vintage and antique look. 

Below is a sample of the colours of the crazy horse leather for this vintage travel notebook. Choose between, black(not crazy horse leather), dark brown, brown, red, blue or green. 

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