Unique Wedding Gowns and Outfits

Searching for unique wedding gowns and outfits?

Not sure if you like the princess wedding gowns, medieval wedding gowns, cinderella wedding gowns, a black wedding gown or if you would like to design your own wedding gown??

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That's fine. Either way, there are a few important considerations in selecting your unique wedding gown and outfits for bridesmaids, groomsmen and the groom.

Click and Print the handy pages for you to fill in costs, style, ideas etc. It's free to download and print.

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All the forms are available for you to fill in - either directly on your laptop or by pen on the printed version - to help you plan your wedding, week by week;

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The Complete Wedding Planner Printables E-Book

The Wedding Planner is designed to help you get ready for the big day!

All the forms are available for you to fill in - either directly on your laptop or by pen on the printed version - to help you plan your wedding, week by week;

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Unique Wedding Gowns - Important Considerations

Cost of the Wedding Gown

When working within your wedding budget, you will be concerned about the cost of wedding gowns and outfits.

Your wedding dress does not need to be outlandishly expensive or outlandish in anyway. Simple wedding dresses can be very stylish and elegant, without breaking the bank!

There are some options for you to keep within your budget:

    Online Wedding Stores have the ability to lower their costs so check them out. They are often very detailed about sizes and measurements available. You can even have custom Wedding Dresses made. Find unique wedding gowns at Light In The Box Wholesale Goods

    Chiffon A-line with Lace on Empire Wedding Dress

    Buying a wedding dress online may not be for everyone - read more about the Pros and Cons of shopping for wedding gowns online.

E-Bay. Realistically, a wedding dress, is worn for just one day. You may find a perfect dress worn only once (!) for less than half the price on Ebay.

Secondhand shops. It may not sound flashy, but I am so amazed at the beautiful gowns which I see hanging in a secondhand shop. You might just walk into the right shop at the right moment and pick up your wedding gown for a steal! It's worth a trip!

Design your own wedding gown. You may also decide to make your own wedding gown or ask a seamstress to make your unique wedding gown. However, this option may not be as cheap as some of the others listed above.

Style of the Dress

Another important consideration is the style of your wedding gown. Every bride is a different shape, so choose a style which enhances and complements your shape.There are some excellent ideas on the Perfect Wedding Dress Finder website.

If you are a "plus" size, read my plus size wedding dress page.


Although brides typically wear white, some brides may choose to wear off-white, cream or a different colour altogether. Ever thought of a black wedding dress? Read more.


Many brides do not consider the season in which they will get married and often they hardly notice the weather, but the rest of the bridal party does. It is worthwhile considering these needs for the benefit of all involved.

    Summer: strapless or backless dresses, off the shoulder, thin straps. If you have sleeves, have sheer or lace for this purpose.

    Winter: If you're planning to get married in the winter, you’ll need to consider how warm or cold the ceremony location will be. Invariably, if the room is crowded and heated, it will feel warmer, so don’t go too heavy with your gown fabric selection. Don't forget that when nervous, you may have a tendency to sweat, so it may still benefit you to have a gown from lighter material. Adding a shawl or a small cape for outdoor garden photos and evening wear is a great idea. More about Winter Wedding Dresses. Alternatively, find a long sleeved wedding dress or a velvet wedding dress for extra warmth.

    Fall / Spring: You can probably still use a lightweight satin or lace overlays and medium length sleeves in the fall or in the spring depending on where you live. Of course, if you know the area in which you live will be still be very cold at that time of the year, choose heavier fabrics with more body coverage. Your choice will also depend on whether you are having an outdoor spring wedding or if your venue is heated and full of guests. You will definitely want a shawl or a wrap to cater for temperature differences especially during outdoor photo sessions and as the evening cools.

Theme of your Wedding

A-line Sweetheart Knee-length Lace Elastic Woven Satin Wedding Dress

    Once you have decided on your wedding theme, choose your unique wedding dress appropriately.

    • Traditional Wedding Gowns and Dresses
    • Informal Wedding Dresses
    • Beach Wedding Dresses

Extra Accessories

Don't forget the other accessories you need including Cake serving sets, Invitations and Gifts, Ring Bearer Pillows, Accessory sets, Candle holders, Flower Girl baskets and more.

Fittings Required

Something else to consider is whether your wedding dress will require fittings and how many. Is there travel involved? How much time? Extra costs?

Download and print this free wedding planner page which will help you take these points into consideration when looking and choosing your unique wedding gowns and outfits.

Unique Wedding Gowns and Outfits - Free Printable Pages

unique wedding gowns

Click and Print the free wedding gowns and outfits downloadable pages.

These will give you room to write where you found the gown or outfit, the style (room for a picture, or add a photo later), cost, dates of fittings, location of wedding shop and so on.

Print off as many copies as you like.

There is a page for the Brides Dress, Groom's Outfit, Page Boy and Flower Girl and Bridesmaid's dresses.

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