Traveler's Notebook Weekly Planner

What's in the Traveler's Notebook Weekly Planner?

What are you looking for in your Traveler's Notebook Weekly Planner?

When creating this traveler's notebook printable insert, I had in mind all the things I like to keep a check on every single week.  These are the important things you need to keep yourself organized: 

  • Monthly Overview Double Spread
  • Weekly Overview - with room for a habit tracker, priorities, meal ideas and notes
  • Daily Planner pages - one for each day
  • Blank pages
  • Dotted pages
  • Journal pages
  • Ideas page

Cost:  $9.95US


How does a Travelers Notebook differ from a Diary?

It's true that you could perhaps just grab a simple diary - with days and dates at the top of each page and a bunch of lines.  You'd most likely keep yourself on track and organized.

But, Traveler's Notebooks are not your average notebook (i.e. boring) - but they are fun and interesting and you certainly want to add your own touches.

With our travelers notebook weekly planner, you might not fill each page each week - but it's a good place just to add a reminder or glue in a picture, and also add some fun embellishments!  

Personally, I like to begin by printing off this travelers notebook weekly planner and then continue to play around with the pages.  I like to add pages to this planner with just fun embellishments such as stamps, photos, reminders, memoirs of what happened.

And what's lovely about the weekly planner, is that you can just print a new planner each week. So, buy once for only $9.95 and print off week by week!  

Using my Traveler's Notebook Weekly Planner

Monthly Overview Spread


I like to see my month at a glance - so I like to include this overview at the beginning of the weekly planner.  You might not want to add this page to every week - because you'd need to add the details each time, so I'd just print off the first sheet and keep this as the initial page of your weekly planner. 

The pages below are printed off back to back.

Weekly Overview Page

Next, I like to have a weekly overview across two pages. On one page you have room to add details about Mon-Wed and then Thurs - weekend are on the side facing page. 

It's easy to see what you have planned for that week just by opening your weekly planner to this overview.

This is great just to jot down what appointments you have, any special meetings or family day outs.  It's the place that you'd look back on to get the big picture of your week.  

You can also keep track of habits on this page as well as a list of the meals for your week - remember this is the overview.

Daily printable pages for your traveler's notebook

There are pages throughout the 16 page weekly planner for your daily tasks with a spread for each day of the week.

As you can see, you can add as much detail as you like into this weekly page spread.


Next, I would add the daily printable pages for your Traveler's Notebook.

Print one for each day of the week.  This has a lot of room for you to add further details about what your day would look like.  You can use it as a work planner - adding in the tasks specific to that day.  You can also have it as a to do list for your day.

It has a lot of space so that you can also add embellishments here.  Did you see a movie on one evening? Make a fun ticket to glue in!  Add in an invitation, a photo, the menu card from a restaurant you visited.... remember, this is the fun part of your weekly planner.

More Traveler's Notebook printable pages for notes, ideas, journal

I just love dotted pages! I have a double page with dots for fun doodles, drawings, notes, to do lists. I also include a completely blank double page spread and also an Ideas page and a Journal page. 

Have fun with these!

Printing Instructions

Printing off these pages is very simple.

It has been created to fit the standard sized traveler's notebook.  The notebook itself measures at 12.5 x 22.2 cm / 4.76 x 8.74 inches, (WXH)  but the inserted pages are 10.5 x 21cm.  The height of the weekly planning pages is the width of an A4 page.

The weekly planner is designed to be printed as it is and folded on the short side of the page.

When you've printed out the pages in duplicate print (on both sides), then it is easiest to just fold the page to the middle and trim off the excess.  This will fit perfectly into your standard sized traveler's notebook. 

Buy Now: $9.95