Travelers Notebook Monthly Insert

These Travelers Notebook monthly insert pages are designed for the standard travelers notebook. (TN) The travelers notebook printable refills can be inserted into the travelers notebook with ease.  Just print the notebook pages, front and back, trim the sides, fold in half and insert the refill between the elastic band and the notebook cover.

Over time using the Traveler's notebook, I decided that I needed something to keep me on track on a monthly basis and so I set out to create a traveler's notebook monthly insert and this made monthly planning really simple. I could print these pages each month and so make sure that I had a clear overview of the month ahead. 

Travelers Notebook Monthly Planner

The travelers notebook monthly insert set costs $9.95


This set of printable pages has 12 full page spreads which you can print. You can print it as is to make a usable traveler's notebook planner, or you can print a few pages at a time, inserting blank or lined pages or whatever you'd like to make planner completely suited to your purpose.

In this set of monthly planning pages, I have some dotted pages, weekly planning pages, a monthly overview - ideas, calendar and goals list,  a journal page,  meal planning section on the weekly page, a place for habit tracking and priorities and some blank pages just for fun or extra notes.

Every time you print this selection of 12 pages, you will have a neat, monthly planner, ready to go. This standard notebook monthly printable insert has 12 double sided spreads and altogether makes a notebook of 24 pages. 

When you buy and download this set, you can use it as many times as you like and re-order the pages to suit your needs.