Travelers Notebook Inserts / Printables

So, you now have your Traveler's Notebook and you are wondering where to buy travelers notebook inserts as well as the planner printables.

You're at the perfect location and there's a few choices you can make. Scroll down to find out about:

  1. Monthly Printable Planner Inserts for your Traveler's Notebook
  2. Weekly Printable Planner inserts for your Traveler's Notebook
  3. Double page spreads - to meet your own needs
  4. Traveler's Notebook Refills (choose 3 when you buy a Traveler's Notebook bundle)

Monthly Printable Planners for Traveler's Notebooks

12 double side spreads - ready to print

Travelers Notebook Monthly Planner

Over time using the Traveler's notebook, I decided that the best use was to create a traveler's notebook planner so that each month, I'd have the pages I need to plan a month at a time.

This set of monthly printable pages has 12 full page spreads which you can print. You can print it as is to make a usable traveler's notebook planner, or you can print a few pages at a time, inserting blank or lined pages or whatever you'd like to make planner completely suited to your purpose.

I've created the most useful pages for a monthly planner and they are organized in the correct order so all you need to do is to print, cut the excess from the edges, fold and insert into your traveler's notebook. 

Check out the travelers notebook monthly insert - printable planners for your traveler's notebook.

Weekly Printable Planners for Traveler's Notebooks

If you need more room, you'll love the weekly printable planner for your traveler's notebook.

This weekly planner for your traveler's notebook consists of 16 pages / 8 double sided pages.

Each page is a 2 sided spread so that you can fold the booklet in half and have plenty of room to add details across your week.  

This includes the overview pages of a month and a week so you can add in important dates and see the week at a glance. However, it also includes daily planning pages for each day of the week.  There's room for a habit tracker, ideas page, journal, blank and dotted pages too!

Have a look at the traveler's notebook weekly planner which you can download and print here.

Double Spread Travelers Notebook Inserts

If you'd rather not have one booklet to print off for your planning needs, you can choose any of these double page spreads, mix and match and create your own planner to print.

These can be purchased individually for $2.

Dotted Pages - 2 page spread

Weekly plan - 2 page spread

Monthly Overview | Goals Page

Journal page - 2 page spread

Blank 2 page spread

Meal plan | Appointments

Weekly Tracker - 2 page spread

Daily Pages - 2 page spread

Refills - Traveler's Notebook Refills

Buy in the Bundle or individually

When you buy a Traveler's notebook bundle, you can choose any 3 of these traveler's notebook journal inserts. 

You can choose from: 

  • Kraft travelers journal insert
  • Blank travelers journal insert
  • Dotted travelers journal insert
  • Lined travelers journal insert
  • Grid travelers journal insert
  • Daily plan travelers journal insert
  • Weekly travelers journal insert
  • Monthly travelers journal insert

However, you can also purchase these individually here.

This selection of travelers notebook refills can be purchased as part of the bundle when buying your leather traverler's notebook or individually on the Journal Inserts page.

These refills come in a variety of styles and types of paper. They are either bound or stapled depending on the refill you choose, but I just love this selection.

My favourite would be either the blank (excellent for drawing!) or the dotted.  

I also really love dotted pages - easy to use, great to create lists, fun to doodle around, and you just can't do anything wrong with a dotted page.