Thermal Printer Rolls

Each box contains three thermal printer rolls of BPA free, excellent quality thermal paper.  The selection includes sticky paper and various colors. 

The prices for the BPA free, thermal paper rolls range from $19.95 - $22.95

No ink?

The PeriPage printer uses heat technology to print which means there's no need for ink!

The thermal printer rolls available are: 

  • white paper thermal rolls
  • colored paper rolls
  • white sitcky paper
  • colored sticky paper
  • white labels
  • colored bear labels
  • Photo thermal paper

More information and features on the mini pocket printer here.

BPA Free Thermal Rolls

White Paper Thermal Printer Rolls

These are my go-to rolls. Perfect for printing absolutely anything and is especially useful if you're printing off a To Do list! 

Color Thermal Printer Rolls

Just some fun colors to choose from - pink, blue and yellow - 3 colors in the one box.

White Sticky Thermal Printer Rolls

I just love the sticky papers.  This means any time you have something cute that you want to add to your planner, you don't even need to have your glue stick around!  Just print and stick it wherever to make your layout look awesome!

Color Sticky Thermal Printer Rolls

Yep. You've got it!  Sticky, but in the same cute colors as the paper version above.

White 15mm Label Thermal Printer Rolls

Color Bear Label Thermal Printer Rolls

Aren't these cute?  Label anything you like with these colored bear labels. 170 stickers.

Photo Thermal Printer Rolls

Here's the paper you need for your photos!