Standard Size Travelers Notebook

The standard size travelers notebook, in my opinion, is the perfect size. It's big enough to add in details, journal, take notes but it also has enough space for drawing and adding in stickers and cute paper memories.

The notebook itself measures at 12.5 x 22.2 cm / 4.76 x 8.74 inches, (WXH)  but the inserted pages are 10.5 x 21cm.  The height of the weekly planning pages and the monthly planning printable inserts is the width of an A4 page.

A travelers notebook has an elastic down the spine of a sturdy, leather cover for you to add traveler's notebook inserts. The traveler's notebooks can hold at least 3 inserts, but the premium notebook has 2 elastics and so can hold 4 notebook inserts.

I have two standard size travelers notebooks available. Both are genuine leather, include 3 inserts of your choice, have a pvc pocket and have a spare elastic. There is the vintage traveler's notebook with extra accessories and the premium model comes with extra sewn-in pockets and stitching around the notebook.

Standard Traveler's Notebook with accessories

Travelers Notebook Premium

The standard size travelers notebook bundle is all you need!

If you're new to traveler's notebooks, this is a wonderful beginning point as you have all you need in the one bundle.  The excitement begins when you receive your beautifully packaged product.  Open it to discover the luxurious standard size traveler's notebook all set up and ready to go! 

For me, this was my perfect way to start.

Since then, I've enjoyed creating helpful standard size traveler's notebook printable inserts which make life easier as you just print and insert as needed.  For example, if you're planning to use your travelers notebook as a day to day journal, you might really love to add in 'daily planner pages' created for the standard size travelers notebook.  These can be printed on both sides and the whole booklet can then be added directly into the travelers notebook.

Inserting new booklets into the travelers notebook

The best part about traveler's notebooks is that you can add and remove the notebook inserts as needed. For example, if you're choosing to use the travelers notebook as a 2020 journal, you'll find that your inserts will fill up with all sorts of wonderful memories, a photo or two, ticket stubs of trips you've done - and you'll need to add another booklet or insert.

The standard size travelers notebooks can easily hold 3 booklets and you can choose different styles when you purchase a bundle.  Personally, I love the blank journals because it means that I can be as creative as I like, and as I've fiddled about, I've quite surprised myself!  However, I also love the dotted pages because they are so lovely to draw on. Check out the traveler's journal inserts here.

It took me a while to decide what I'd do with my travelers notebook.  Will I journal in it?  Will it be a nature journal with sketches as well as snippets of plants?  Will I press a leaf or flower in the small pocket? 

In the end, I decided to use one as a journal, one as a journal of notes of the books I am reading /studying, and one which I'm using for business purposes. But, that's just the beginning..

How do you use travelers notebooks?

More details on the Vintage and Premium Travelers Notebook Bundles:

Usually, there are two standard size travelers notebooks available for purchase, however, at the moment, the Premium Traveler's notebook is out of stock.  Choosing between them is just your personal choice. They are both so lovely, and both include the 3 notebook inserts (32 sheets/ 64 pages), pvc folder and extra elastic.  It's really hard to decide, but here's the difference:

  • Vintage Traveler's Notebook with accessories:  comes with a brass clip, retro stamps, vintage postcard, pvc card holder and random pendant and has 1 elastic down the spine of the leather cover. 
  • Premium Traveler's Notebook (out of stock)  with stitched, internal pockets - is stitched around the edges, a pvc card holder, 2 elastics in the spine (and a spare) and has internal pockets - 4 business card holder size at the front and 1 large back cover to hold postcards (or even your phone.)