Save Big on Your Budget, Use Menu Planning Software

by Rikki

Menu planning software may seem a bit over the top but, to be honest, it works wonders on not only your budget but on preparing meals every day.
One of the most tedious tasks can be deciding what to make for dinner. With menu planning software you can search recipes, plan meals and build grocery lists based on them. If you're trying to "go healthy" this is a great way to get started. By accounting for meals and snacks on your grocery list you can leave out unhealthy, nutrient-lacking convenience foods.
There are a couple of really good menu planning programs out there. One is the Cook'n Recipe Organizer. The more expensive of the two, this program allows you to create custom weekly, monthly and yearly menus and will automatically generate a grocery list for you to print out and use. The program is user friendly and can help shave dollars off of your monthly grocery expenses.
MasterCook Deluxe is more affordable and does offer over 8,000 recipes with tips and techniques. You can print shopping lists off for one recipe or your entire menu. A lot of the recipes require minimal prep time and are family friendly recipes.
You get a little more for your money with Cook'n though can do the job with MasterCook. Both help you save time, money and effort and can offer some great ideas to break from your usual menu routine.

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