PeriPage Printer 

If you love to create planners, have fun in journals, scrapbook or just print images, text or photos at any time or any place, then you don't want to miss out on a PeriPage printer!

Love to plan, notebook or scrapbook?  You need this!

Using the PeriPage printer, it's so easy to add memos, photos and embellishments to any  planners and/or traveler's notebooks. With the simple to use free APP, you can easily add a photo, print a To Do list, print off the day names - which makes it perfect for bullet journalling.

Check out these PeriPage printer features:

  • Cute portable printer size
  • Fun colors
  • Thermal printing - no ink!
  • The difference between the 203 dpi and the 304 dpi
  • The free PeriPage APP

If you'd like to see some notebook examples, check out how I use my PeriPage mini pocket printer.

One of the special features is that this is a mini thermal printer.  That means no messy ink to deal with and using the heat technology, the image is printed onto thermal paper. We stock the best thermal paper for this mini thermal printer and it comes in a variety of colors and styles.

If you'd like to use this as your mini photo printer, I'd recommend that you also purchase the special photo thermal paper and use this rather than just the white thermal paper which is intended for notes. Please be aware that you're not printing photos in the same quality that you'd get from a photographer  - as the dots per inch are 304 or 203 depending on which PeriPage printer you buy, but for my purposes of decorating a journal and adding embellishments, this pocket photo printer is my perfect companion.

mini photo printer examplephoto
mini photo printer example - PeriPage printer filterfilter applied
PeriPage printer showing photo printingPeriPage print

Notebooking example my Peripage Pocket PrinterPrint anything with your Peripage
Notebooking with my Pocket PrinterNotebooking with my Pocket Printer


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