The mini thermal printer: PeriPage 

It's here! The mini thermal printer - fun, simple, portable

PeriPage Pocket Printer A6 - 203dpi and 304 dpi

The PeriPage pocket printer is a mini thermal printer and is the perfect companion for anyone who loves to plan, journal, scrapbook or just print images, text or photos while travelling or when at home.

Do you love keeping memories and adding photos and embellishments to your planners and journals?  If so, the PeriPage mini portable printer will be a wonderful tools as it is so easy to print a photo, print a To Do list, print off the day names - perfect for bullet journalling and creating beautiful notebook pages.

Check out the PeriPage mini thermal printer features below!

PeriPage mini thermal printerPeriPage mini thermal printer

Portable photo mini thermal printer

It's super easy to print your special photos directly from your phone onto photo thermal paper.

It's a fun way to quickly print those recent snaps, add them to your diary or even create a card of memoirs!

PeriPage mini pocket printer photo examplesPeriPage mini pocket printer photo examples

Create labels with the PeriPage Printer

Apart from the cute notes, card inserts, quotes etc, you can also choose the thermal label paper and print off labels.  These can be used for anything from the kitchen to the study! 

White and colored thermal label paper rolls are available. 

We also sell cute "bear" labels in pink, yellow and blue to match the fun bear on the PeriPage printer!

PeriPage mini thermal label printerPeriPage mini thermal label printer

Connect your phone to the Peripage Printer via the free APP

PeriPage mini printer APPPeriPage mini printer APP

Download the PeriPage Printer App and connect to your smartphone. Within a few minutes, you'll be selecting any content from your phone (gallery, images, website, text, documents, pdfs), making quick edits to it, adding text and printing off exactly what you need.

You can also connect the PeriPage mini thermal printer directly to your computer. When you do this, you can create a document in the correct dimensions in Word and then print it directly to your phone! Too easy!

Mini Thermal Printer - no ink!

This mini thermal printer does not use ink - so no messy ink cartridges at all!  Using the state of the art heat technology, the PeriPage printer prints easily onto thermal paper.  It prints in black and white only.

There's a ton of paper to choose from and I only sell the top quality, 10 year thermal paper. It comes in white and 3 colors. We also have white and colored sticky paper and it also prints labels.

There are differences in the thermal paper quality and I only sell the top quality paper. It might happen that the images will fade slightly, but with the top quality paper, this will not occur before the 10 year mark.

PeriPage mini portable printer thermal paper rollsPeriPage mini portable printer thermal paper rolls

304 DPI or 203 DPI?

The PeriPage Printer is a mini thermal printer and comes either as a 203dpi or 304dpi.  DPI stands for dots per inch and so the quality of the prints is not going to be like a compressed professional quality photo, but the higher the dpi, the better the quality. I prefer the 304dpi and it works perfectly for what I need.

Below you can see that the 304dpi print is not as grainy.

PeriPage mini printer photo printer examplesPeriPage mini printer photo printer examples
Using the PeriPage Printer in journals and notebooks
PeriPage Printer Notebook examples

Portable Printer

Another top feature of the PeriPage Printer is that it is a compact, portable size.  It fits in your pocket and runs on a battery.  The printer can be charged using the included USB cable. 

PeriPage Printer dimensionsPeriPage Printer dimensions

Comes in 3 colors: blue, pink, white

This cute, compact mini thermal printer comes in three colors: pink, blue and white.

What comes with the PeriPage Printer?

PeriPage Portable Printer - cute mini pocket printer, with USB cable, instructions and one thermal paper roll.PeriPage Portable Printer - cute mini pocket printer, with USB cable, instructions and one thermal paper roll.

What's included?

  • PeriPage printer, in a cute box, 
  • 1 roll of white thermal paper
  • the USB cable
  • a user manual. 

Please note, the PeriPage printer only comes with one roll of white thermal paper, but you can buy extra  thermal paper for your mini pocket printer here.