Printable Menu Planner: Easy Meal Planning Solution

A Printable Menu Planner will help with this scenario:

At about 4.00pm, you have a decision to make!

What’s for dinner?
Well, what’s in the cupboard? 
What’s in the fridge? 
What meat is in the freezer?  
Can I make a meal out of what I have or do I need to go to the shops? 
What vegies are brown and limp? 
What leftovers are reading to ‘get up and walk’? 
What is a different meal idea? 
Will the family complain with eggs on toast for the third night in a row?

The best way to take the daily stress out of meal preparation is to plan ahead!

Why is a Menu Planner the Easy Solution?

Working through the Menu Planner Guide will help you create your own simple Printable Menu Planner which will help you:

  • Avoid the daily time-consuming, decision making process of “What’s for dinner?”
  • Have all the ingredients you need in the house.
  • Have a year of meal ideas worked out.
  • Create your weekly grocery list.
  • Cut down on expensive take-away meals
  • Save money
  • Be creative and involve your children in the meal preparation
  • Save time by cutting down on shop visits - the need to get this or that ingredient!

What's included in the Menu Planner Guide?

  1. A guide as to HOW to create your menu/ meal planner with examples.
  2. Meal Ideas Chart – Family Favourites;  Quick Meals;  New Meal Ideas with examples.
  3. Your Meal Idea Chart
  4. Favourite Meal Ingredients and method Chart with an example.
  5. New Recipe Ideas, Ingredients and Method Chart
  6. Five Weekly Meal Planner with example.
  7. Generic Grocery List
  8. Grocery List for Weeks 1-5
  9. What’s Cookin’?  Menu Template for your family – different layouts
  10. All pages in colour AND black/white for a grayscale printing option.
  11. Easy to download and print in one file.

What is NOT included in the Menu Planner Guide:

  1. Recipes - every family has different tastes, allergies, likes, dislikes, decisions on the use of packaged/ canned/ frozen foods.
  2. A set of recipes for a month (see number 1)
  3. Ingredients....

Easy Menu Planning Guide

The Menu Planner Guide is a step by step guide to help you plan your weekly meals, over a month with all the related grocery lists.  Everything included (more than what you see here) as well as easy instructions for you to follow.

The Menu Planner Guide is a downloadable product.

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