Choosing a Mens Wedding Ring and Other Wedding Jewelry

For many generations, choosing a mens wedding ring was as simple as knowing what size their ring finger was and then purchasing a simple yellow gold band. Thankfully for men, there are plenty more choices now and grooms jewelry can truly reflect their personality.

Many men have very specific ideas about what their ring will look like and custom jewelry has never been more popular.

Many styles of mens rings contain diamonds and other gemstones and are made from materials such as white gold, stainless steel, platinum and titanium.

The world of mens wedding jewelry has expanded greatly from the simple gold band.

A popular option for couples is matching his and hers wedding bands. For some couples who want matching bands, they find it difficult to find something that they both like, that also matches well to the engagement ring. Some brides have taken to wearing their engagement rings on their right hand to avoid conflicting styles. Mens wedding jewelry doesn’t have to end with a ring though. Depending on the formality of the men’s attire, other pieces such as cuff links, tie pins and clips and even neck chains, bracelets, watches and money clips should be considered.

Consider the following before purchasing any wedding jewelry for the groom:

  • Ensure he is not planning to wear a family heirloom piece. Cuff links and tie pins were extremely popular in recent generations and he may be planning to wear an item that was his fathers or belonged to another significant family member.
  • Determine if your groom would wear items such as cuff links and tie pins on multiple occasions. If he wears business suits to work or regularly attends black-tie affairs then you will want to purchase good quality items that will last for years.
  • Consider whether he would want to be included when buying his wedding jewelry. Most men will greatly appreciate their partner choosing special pieces of jewelry. However, for some men this is an area where they may want some input.

A mens wedding ring is just one piece of jewelry now available for grooms. The grooms style and personality will determine what other pieces might be right for his wedding day. Search here for more mens wedding bands from the Wedding Check List Store.

Some unique matching wedding rings ideas are:

  • Unique two toned gold wedding bands
  • Plenty of options in titanium.
  • Gaining in popularity is tungsten.
  • Stainless steel wedding rings is another popular choice.
  • Gold never goes out of style.

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