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Let's face it! We live cluttered lives...

People love to collect things: coins, stamps, seashells, vintage signs, car parts—we all have a little hoarder in us. What's the worst thing about collecting? Collections collect something of their own: dust! Besides this dirty secret, collections generally translate as clutter in the modern home. Unless you're saving tinned food for the zombie apocalypse, or you're planning on opening a museum collecting really has no practical use.

You may have an emotional attachment to that collection of Disney VHS tapes, but be practical for just one moment . . . you have them on DVD too don't you? It's time to work in the three environmental Rs: reduce, reuse, recycle. Designers make lots of money from upcycling old materials, whether it be furniture, sports memorabilia or what have you. You can get creative, but be honest with yourself. Do you have the time and energy to reincarnate these items? If not, someone out there does. Find them and make some money off your collection or be charitable. Realistically, this is benefitting both you and the new owner. Whether you're passing one hoarder's collection onto another hoarder is not your problem. That's why you'll find the Dream of Clean Ebook your handy helper to show you how to declutter.

Let's act and learn how to declutter!

Now that you've come to grips with the fact that you may have to narrow your collecting habit to one or two themes, it's time to take an assessment of your home. The best way to do this is with pen and paper. Time yourself. Give yourself five minutes to write down all the things you see in your living room that don't really fit there. You may want to involve the family with this this. Unfortunately, like with the upcyclers, one man's garbage is another's treasure, and the whole point of the "Dream of Clean" ebook is to reduce stress in your life, not to increase it by aggravating your partner or teenagers.

From there, do a quick analysis of your list. Do you envision a future for any of these items? Old signs can make a hallway wall interesting when thoughtfully hung together. Write down your notes. Now you're ready for the five-minute tasks list. 

Begin with 5 minutes a day!

De-cluttering may seem overwhelming at first, but you don't need to do it all at once. Actually, it's better to go through it bit by bit, and sometimes it can be fun going through old items that recall memories. In five minutes a day, you can tackle messy areas in your home in a way that is manageable and realistic.

The key to de-cluttering in five minutes a day is pre-planning. A cleaning and house scheduling planner is a great way to organize your time, but a handwritten list is effective too as long as it is sorted by day. Each listed point can be accomplished in as little as five minutes if you are focused. This is not a race though, so if you need time to go through things, then take what time you have available to you. These lists will be a guideline for you, but if you are spontaneously inspired to pull out a drawer and de-clutter it then you are encouraged to do so. This is how you will build positive habits.

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It is amazing that when you've worked out how to declutter, and get in the habit of decluttering bit by bit, your life and home will become simplified and spacious, easier to organize and easier to clean. This is the first step in home organization.

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Get into positive habits with the use of "I Dream of Clean" Ebook. It has all the strategies to help you work out how to declutter as well as making time to organize and clean your spaces.

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Looking at messes in every room of the house can become depressing and sometimes overwhelming. So, in order to tackle the messes, you need to have some simple decluttering strategies.

I Dream to Clean - is your house cleaning schedule ebook which will help you declutter your home. Bit by bit, week by week a new zone will be your focus and you will make decluttering, organizing and cleaning a habit - just 5-10 minutes a day will help you get from Chaos to Calm!

Some helpful strategies to help you declutter

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Are you unsure on how to begin the task of decluttering? Fine, read some excellent tips below.

Not sure how to begin: Join me in the DOC Challenge - Declutter, Organize, Clean - week by week, month by month organization tips. I "Dream of Clean" - learn how.

Here's my quick advice on how to declutter:

Begin with 5 minutes a day. Sure, only 5 minutes a day won't bring your house into order automatically - but it is a start! Now, make it a daily routine and choose 5 minute tasks which you can do each day. Bit by bit, your messes will be filed or thrown out, unused items will be thrown or given away and you will appreciate a house which is in the process of becoming simple and ordered.

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