How to Clean Laminate Floors

Laminate floors are very resilient, and cleaning them is actually quite easy. They're easier to care for than hardwood, not to mention more affordable. And they almost look the same.
One problem many notice with cleaning laminate floors are the streaks left behind by detergents and dirty mops. The visibility of these streaks varies depending on the shade of your laminate floors. Use the tips below to get the cleanest laminate floors.

First sweep, or vacuum your floors with a brush extension. Using a Swiffer-type floor duster works great as well in getting the dirt and dust out of the way before you mop.

Use a damp-not wet-mop to clean your laminate floors. Always mop up wet spots to prevent floor damage. Microfiber pads work best for mopping or cleaning laminate floors. Sponge mops will usually leave streaks behind, unless you have a good one that can be squeezed out really well before you use it on the floor.

Never use harsh or abrasive detergents on laminate floors. A sponge will usually do the trick to get stains, or spots off the floor. Never use a scouring pad.

If you want to avoid streaks, use a natural cleaner like vinegar on your floors as it won't leave behind a residue. It's also a cheap cleaner! Diluted in warm water, white vinegar can be used to clean just about everything.
Use these tips to get a beautiful, streak-free laminate floor. Remember, cleaning products look great on the shelf, but may not live up to your expectations when it comes to cleaning your laminate floors.

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