Your Household Notebook

A household notebook is a wonderful planning tool for any and every family. Created with a number of helpful organizing pages and separated by dividers, this household planner contains many forms and templates ready for you to access and add to (and many are free templates for you to use.)

OK - Here are the simple steps to follow to create your own household planner.  Use any of the free household printables and any others on this website. Print out whatever you like. Store it behind the most relevant dividers and add and fill the planner with the details you don't want to lose or misplace.

  • Decide on the pages and the dividers you would like in your household planner. See below for the complete selection of pages.
  • Add a yearly calendar page at the front of the planner.
  • Add  these free monthly calendar pages between your daily planner pages. It is good to print these on cardstock and use these as monthly dividers.
  • Add  the free daily planning pages or  free weekly planning printables.
  • Add some budget worksheets, family management pages.
  • Add your own cover page.
  • Print it off.
  • Bind your Daily Planner either with a spiral binding machine or hole punch the pages and add it to a 3 ring binder. A spiral bound planner is a neat and tidy book; The 3 ring binder option allows you to add and remove pages more easily. It also allows you to add tab dividers.
  • Adding a clear A4 cover is recommended when binding. It adds class and durability.

Dividing up your Household Notebook

Home Management Templates

Firstly, I like to have a Home Management Divider. Under this heading I would keep:

  • Master To Do List
  • Weekly Routine Chart
  • Daily Routine Chart
  • House Cleaning Chore List
  • House cleaning schedule - laminate one for each room in the house

These pages are included in The Complete Household Notebook.

Menu Planning

The next divider I would suggest is the Meal and Menu Planning. Under this heading I would keep:

This whole Menu Planner Guide is included in The Complete Household Notebook. Alternately, you can print off a simple copy of the menu planner for free from my site.

Phone Directory

Then I would add a Phone Divider. Behind this divider I would have:

  • Contact lists for School,
  • Sports,
  • Restaurants,
  • Church,
  • Family and
  • Friends.

These pages are included in The Complete Household Notebook.

Weekly and Daily Planner Pages

The next part of the Household Planner are all the daily or weekly planning sheets. This is the bulk of your whole household planner.

It will contain either 52 weeks - seeing your week over a double page or daily planner pages - 365 pages.

The weekly or daily planner pages can be divided by months. I like to print the months on cardstock so you can feel the separation from one month to the next. You may also wish to print the months on coloured cardstock.

All of these pages (and more with different designs, colours and templates) are now available for download in The Complete Household Notebook. 

Family Household Planning Pages

The next divider can be a Family Divider. Behind this divider you may add pages:

  • Personal information on each family member
  • Clothing sizes to help you when shopping
  • Birthday Gift Ideas
  • Birthdates per month
  • Birthday Party Ideas
  • Books to Read
  • DVDs to rent
  • Internet passwords and details
  • Things to remember
  • House renovation ideas
  • Camping Checklist
  • Picnic Checklist

These pages are included in The Complete Household Notebook.

Budget Planning Pages

Lastly, I would include a Money or Budget Divider. Behind this you may have pages on:

Of course as you organize your own household planner, you may choose different dividers and ways to organize. For example, you may choose to print off a monthly budget page at the end of your month's weekly planning pages, before your next calendar month printed on cardstock.

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