Household Cleaning Tips

Household Cleaning Tips is the third helpful tool to keep your house organized.

I like to think of home organization in this order:

  1. Declutter - your mind and your house
  2. Organize
  3. Clean - (this page)

The household cleaning tips you'll find on this page will help to keep your bathroom in order, cleaning grout and getting rid of mould, keeping a neat and clean kitchen, shiny stainless steel sinks, best homemade cleaners and more.

Now that you've de-cluttered and organized your home you're ready to move on to cleaning. Cleaning should be a regular task anyways, but it doesn't have to boring and draining.

Turn your favourite upbeat music nice and loud, wear something comfortable and you'll whip through tasks like mopping the floor, cleaning the blinds, or scrubbing the bathtub. You'll find that keeping your home de-cluttered and organized will actually make it easier to clean!

Cleaning can be expensive if you fall prey to advertising. There are thousands of products out there that claim to make cleaning easy. Unfortunately, most of these products contain harmful chemicals that go from your tub or sink to outside waterways. Lucky for you cleaning "green" is easy (and affordable!)

There are some affordable  homemade cleaning products that you can use on multiple areas of the home. They are just as effective, though some may require a little more elbow grease on your part. What you expend in effort will pay back in a fume-free clean home.

One of the best household cleaning tips is: make a plan. Pick days of the week to do floors or bathrooms, and enlist family members to pitch in their five minutes a day to help out with simple tasks. By keeping a regular cleaning schedule you will find each week's cleaning becomes easier. When it becomes habit, it can actually be a great way to relieve stress—the opposite effect to what you've been experiencing!

Begin with 5 minutes a day!

Plan your cleaning weekly, and do some deep cleaning bi-weekly or monthly. Regular cleaning means you'll have to do less hard scrubbing each week, and you'll find it's much faster and easier to clean an area that's only been collecting dirt for a week opposed to an area that's been building up dirt for a month.

I Dream of Clean Ebook - Your house cleaning schedule made easy!

To organize your home, you need to begin one room at a time.

My latest ebook, "I Dream of Clean" helps you do that - working through zone by zone, in 3 easy steps - declutter, organize and clean. It organizes these tasks into 16 weeks and each week is already divided into daily tasks on a printable cleaning schedule.

Follow the step by step practical guide to home organization and bring your home into order with this house cleaning schedule with printable checklists.

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All of the tasks written in the household cleaning section can be done in five- ten minutes, though you may need to spend more time at first if your home has been a bit neglected (no blame is being placed here!). The trick is to stay focused. Lock yourself in for a few minutes, listen to music on your MP3 player, or burn off some of that post-office day energy with sponge in hand.

Use the tasks which are written according to rooms in the house as well as divided into a weekly schedule,  as a guideline and customize according to your home. No two homes are alike, and I think that no two cleaners are alike so do what works for you.

And... What's your helpful household cleaning tip?

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How do you clean laminate benchtops?

What is the best way to clean wooden floors?

Do you have a non-toxic grout cleaner?

How do you keep mould away?

Tell us about your homemade cleaning products?

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