Your House Cleaning Schedule Ebook:  I Dream of Clean

Do you dream of sparkling floors, clear windows, and tidy shelves? Do you then wake up to find yourself amidst piles of clutter, and an overwhelmingly large list of chores?

Let's face it, in today’s world who has time to spend hours and hours cleaning and organizing all the nooks and crannies in their home? Whether you spend your day at work and the rest of your day commuting, cooking, and trying to get your daily recommendation of sunshine and exercise, it's likely that cleaning and home organization are low on your priority list.  



Your House Cleaning Schedule EbookYour House Cleaning Schedule Ebook

Homes are not the same as they used to be. Traditional family situations are changing, and with this so are gender roles! It's no longer only Mom's job to cook, clean, and care for the kids—it's everyone's (or the nanny's). While there may be two parents sharing responsibilities, it seems like both have less time to tackle that list of chores at home.

Why "organizing" and "cleaning" are not dirty words!

Needless to say, you deserve a break. You can't be blamed for preferring a coffee date or a glass of wine and a novel over vacuuming. But you have noticed that the dust is starting to pile up on shelf-tops, and that the floors could use a good scrub. Books seem out of order, and if you have to go digging through drawers for scotch tape one more time you are going to seriously consider just taping the whole thing to the wall just to make it easier to find. That's where this helpful tool comes in.

The thing about home organization is that it can actually effect other areas of your life. Have you noticed that digging through drawers for scotch tape or trying to remember where you left that wedding invitation is driving you a little bit crazy? The mental picture of a cluttered, chaotic home is a good portrayal of what your mind is doing. Clutter is stressful! You don't need that, your home should be your sanctuary and you need to restore it to this state.

We think of cleaning and organizing like chores. Blame it on your parents, this is probably what they had you doing on a Saturday afternoon when you would rather have been outside playing catch. It's not really your parents' fault though, this is what they were taught too!

The Change in mindset

By changing the way you think about cleaning and organization you can change how you approach "chores". Chores can become habits. Doing a five-minute tidy up of the living room can become part of your daily routine—multiply that habit by seven and you are able to tackle seven areas in thirty-five minutes a week! With some initial assessment and planning you will be well on your way towards a presentable home that doesn't require seasonal overhauls, just frequent touch-ups.

This will do wonders for your mind. An organized home has a zen quality that can be calming, like that sanctuary you wish your home was. You'll also find that you can become more efficient in regular daily tasks, like picking out a pair of matching socks or finding cinnamon to put in your morning oatmeal.


One way to get started is with a list. Lists are amazing things, and I'll explore them more later on, but they help you to visualize the when, how, and where of your cleaning schedule. A schedule can  help you towards having more time for the more important things in your life—you (or your family, or your cats). Further to this, you can sort tasks into groups to make even more efficient use of your time. It's time to crank Madonna (or whatever you like) and dance with the mop—cleaning is going to become easy and, maybe, fun!

Introducing - I Dream of Clean!  Your House Cleaning Schedule

This ebook provides clusters of cleaning tasks that can be performed together or in parts. You'll find lists of tasks grouped together for a reason—each group makes your life easier. Everything is customizable because I know that no two homes are ever the same. The ebook is going to act as a guideline to help you develop your own habits and task lists. Have a read through first to get a good idea for how to assess your home, and then use the parts that you need to build a personal home organization manifest.

Your cleaning schedule will not own your life; rather it will give you a quick and easy reference which will help you tackle tasks in a logical order. You will need to employ self-discipline to build cleaning habits, but it is possible.

For the purpose of this ebook, the word "chores" will be avoided. Chores are boring, arduous, time-consuming. Habits are formed from practice, like cooking and driving. You can add organizing to your list of personal assets!

One last note before we get started: it starts with the word procrastination. It's a tough subject, because it seems like everyone fights with it, but procrastination is the organized home's worst enemy. If you want to be successful, don't pile today's tasks onto tomorrow's list in hopes that you will have extra energy or time tomorrow, because you won't. Procrastination leads to becoming overwhelmed, so before you get started write the word "procrastination" with a circle around it and a diagonal line cut through it. It is prohibited!

The Important 3 Steps to Home Organization!

There are three steps to the home organization process: de-cluttering, organizing, and cleaning. For your initial project start them in order, but once you've done a good deep clean you can do the tasks in whatever order works best for you. De-cluttering makes way for better organization and both make more room for cleaning. This is not biochemistry—use what you need from this ebook, what you think will improve your unique situation. Share it with your friends. Get your whole family involved. Turn some cheesy, upbeat music on and have fun with it!

What's included in "Dream of Clean" Ebook?

I Dream of Clean - is your helpful house cleaning schedule. It is organized around the 3 main steps of decluttering, organizing and cleaning. It is a schedule which works across 4 main areas in your home: kitchen, living room, bathroom, bedrooms. The first part of the ebook contains lists of jobs from each step in each zone.

Living Room

The second part of the ebook breaks these lists down into a week by week house cleaning schedule over four months. One zone is tackled each week and tasks are listed across the days of the week - which makes it a superbly easy house cleaning schedule to follow.

Each week a new schedule is provided with daily tasks for that week. This is a handy checklist as well as a weekly planner page for other jobs / appointments / shopping list / to do list.

Weekly Planning Cleaning Schedule

This weekly house cleaning schedule will help you to become more organized on a daily basis - tackling tasks a bit at a time! You'll be amazed that not only will you have your house under control after you've completed the 16 weeks, but you will also have developed a habit - of decluttering, organizing and cleaning in bite sized pieces - without feeling overwhelmed!

You can do it! Give it a go and download Your House Cleaning Schedule: I Dream Of Clean Ebook today! $5.95


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How will YOU get organized?

If you have an excellent idea way in which you get organized in your home - a new method, a program, a task management tool, a daily routine that works well, specific jobs you need to do every day... Here is a place for you to add any of your home organization ideas.

Perhaps your simple idea will help someone else who is wondering how to get organized. Share some of your helpful advice below in regards to setting up and maintaining daily routines and weekly routines.

What works best in your family?
How do you get in control of the paper mess on a daily basis?
How do you keep it going?
What tools have you used?
What do you do each day?

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