House Cleaning List - the Five Minute Jobs

Are you wondering how on earth you will get through your house cleaning list?

The key is on this page:

Tackle them in Five Minute Jobs.

house cleaning list - five minute jobs

That's why I have created this page. Whenever you have a five minute timeslot - waiting to get picked up, waiting for someone to get ready before you go off to an appointment; waiting for the washing machine to finish its load - whenever you have five minutes up your sleeve - take a look at this House Cleaning List and tackle one 5 minute job.

You'll be amazed what you can achieve in 5 minutes.

Also, you'll find that some jobs are bigger than 5 minutes and you might then need to schedule it into your household notebook - add it to one of the months, on a particular day and set aside time to get it done.

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Anyhow, here we go: The Five Minute House Cleaning List

Do you have an idea? Please feel free to add a job which you can do in 5!

The Five Minute House Cleaning List

What is one job on your house cleaning list that you can do in 5 minutes?
Share it here.

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