Homeschool Schedules - a necessary evil or useful tool?

A Homeschool Schedule or timetable may be seen as a useful organizational tool which keeps many homeschooling families on track.  Alternatively, it can be seen as a system which ties you down, creates the forever incomplete checklist that makes you depressed!

I'm not sure where you're at - but I know at times I feel both to be true.

It can help me keep on track, help me see where we're headed, help me to help my kids set realistic goals and then meaningful steps to achieve those goals. I know for us it has often given us a general overview or pattern to our day.

For example, you may follow a pattern in which you have 'table time' in the morning working on individual subjects such as Math, Spelling, Music. Then after morning tea, you may go into some Reading Time together until lunch. Following lunch some children may continue with their own projects, others have a nap, or spend some time in quiet reading.

For other families, a homeschool schedule may need to be far more detailed - outlining what each child is doing in every half hour time slot. Sometimes, you may need to share an instrument or computer time and thus writing it in a timetable saves arguments and hassles.

I have used timetables and homeschool schedules through all my years of homeschooling. Sometimes we have had looser schedules and worked in 2-3 hour time slots. Other times, I have been very scheduled for exactly the reasons I listed above.

What we all need to remember is ... Don't become a slave to it! You don't need to tick off every box to have a 'good' day. Good days can be filled with conversation, walks, free time, incidentals.

A completed schedule does not necessarily mean that more 'education' has happened that day! So quit worrying and comparing!

A few free homeschool planning tools

Homeschool Assignments can also be written out for each child, or by each child onto weekly assignment charts (free download) or on a daily assignment chart. Use these free homeschool printable pages to create your homeschool planner.

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The Keep on Track Homeschool Planner , the DIY Complete Homeschool Planner have far more templates for you to use both in portrait and landscape formats.

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My latest planner is a Student Planner which will help kids to plan to their goals, make a way to achieve their goals, mark off what they've done and record in a holistic, meaningful way. See the link above for all the homeschooling planner options.

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