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I like doing all sorts of things myself and that includes making my own homeschool planner. I have also enjoyed making student planners. You can see examples of homeschool planners and their printables here.

As everyone knows, homeschooling is as unique as each individual family, so therefore the homeschool planner you would need, will be as unique as you are.

Homeschool Planner Examples

Student Planner Checklist
Student Planner Goal Chart

Some homeschooling families work according to a strict homeschool schedule; others like to record the learning that took place at the end of the week. There should be a way in which each homeschool family can record and list assignments, experiences, excursions and plans.

That's why I create my own homeschool planner and you can too.

So, how do you create a Homeschool Planner?

  • Firstly, choose your size and format. I like working in an A4 sized homeschool planner. It may be too big to carry in a handbag, but it is big enough to add all your details. At this stage, my planner pages will only be available in A4 size. There will be choices of landscape and portrait planner pages.
  • Decide on the pages you would like in your Homeschool Planner. I often use the front of my planner for timetables, routine charts, booklists, address lists, menu ideas and meal planner, chore schedules and a yearly calendar. Then I begin the bulk of my homeschool planner with a monthly calendar followed by my appointments page and assignment checklist pages. See below.
  • The diary continues to follow this pattern of monthly calendar page followed by weekly planning sheets.
  • It is good to print the monthly calendars on cardstock which helps them to be used as monthly dividers.
  • I like to finish with the yearly calendar page of the following year. This can also be on cardstock and be the back cover of the planner.
  • Then design or print a cover page.
  • Print it all off.
  • Bind your Homeschool Planner either with a spiral binding machine or hole punch the pages and add it to a 3 ring binder. A spiral bound planner is a neat and tidy book; The 3 ring binder option allows you to add and remove pages more easily. It also allows you to add tab dividers.
  • Adding a clear A4 cover is recommended when binding. It adds class and durability.

Complete DIY Homeschool Planner

  • Download, Save
  • Choose from various templates,
  • Print
  • Enter details by hand and
  • Bind it yourself


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Keep on Track Homeschool Planner

homeschool planner
  • Download
  • Print as is...
  • Complete Planner created for 4 chn
  • Enter details by hand and
  • Bind it yourself


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