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If you love "To Do" lists and little checkboxes, you'll love what I'm doing on the organizational part of the site. (Home Organization Tips!)  We're having a challenge. In fact, it just continues right on through the year and as the weeks go on, I add a new template to help you achieve the organizational goals.

It has "To Do" lists for each day where new jobs are added in according to a cleaning zone!

Yes - we're getting our rooms decluttered, organized and cleaned.  Is that why I've called it the D.O.C challenge?? Check it out here and also check out the pretty organizing template! (This one is for the first week of cleaning in the bedroom.)

No need to feel overwhelmed! Just jot it down!

to do list

When I feel overwhelmed with appointments, excursions, reports, programs, books I need to buy and dates I need to remember, I have found that my cluttered mind can be de-cluttered just by writing a To Do List.

What is it? Very simply a list in which you jot down all the things you can't contain in your head!

I like to use a To Do List for each month inside my Homeschool Planner, just after the monthly calendar.

These templates have the dates in a small calendar box and it is divided into spaces for "Top Priority" items and "If Possible" items.

As homeschool mums, we do go..go..go... but I find that my life is simpler and more organized if I can put it down on paper.

Click here to download and print the To Do Lists for the Homeschool Planner as seen on the right.

Click and Print the Notes Page.

The DIY Homeschool Planner

"...It has been the tool that keeps me on track most days. I've chopped and changed various features of the planner with Marianne's help and her amazing talent to assist. Her support alone in helping you think through what's needed and what's not, is of great benefit.

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