Home Organization Tips for your Kitchen -
DOC Month 3, Week 10

It's time for more home organization tips in the kitchen.

Dream of Clean? You are at Month 3, Week 10 - Spend some time in decluttering, organizing and cleaning your kitchen.

Now you know the home management method

DOC: Declutter, Organize, Clean

Let's get straight into it and tackle a new set of jobs!

home organization tips in the kitchen

Dream of Clean - Month 3, Week 10 in the Kitchen

declutter your bedroom


Go under the sink and get rid of any cleaning products you don't use. Later in this ebook, you'll learn about all-natural cleaning products that work in every part of the home!

Tidy up your spice cabinet or rack. If you don't know what a certain bag of seasoning contains, get rid of it. Funnel bagged spices into glass containers that are easier to find and stack. Spices generally lose their strength after six months. 

organize your bedroom


Go under the sink and organize any cleaning materials or recycling. Take out the recycling and properly dispose of any cleaning materials that have expired or are never used.

Organize your baking goods and spices. Label things that could be mistaken such as sugar and salt, or chili powder and cayenne and sort things in order to keep like items together. For example, keep curry spices, turmeric, coriander, and kaffir lime leaves together so that when you make a curry they're all readily available together.


Sort and take out any recycling. Consider donating to a fundraising event like a prom bottle collection. This is something that should be a part of a weekly routine.

Sweep and mop floors. This should be done according to the type of flooring you have. If your kitchen is hardwood you should mop with an oil soap, while tile can withstand just hot water and vinegar or regular soap.

Dream of Clean Home Management Challenge

To organize your home, you need to begin one room at a time.

My latest ebook, "I Dream of Clean" helps you do that - working through zone by zone, in 3 easy steps - declutter, organize and clean. It organizes these tasks into 16 weeks and each week is already divided into daily tasks on a printable cleaning schedule.

Follow the step by step practical guide to home organization and bring your home into order with this house cleaning schedule with printable checklists.

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Alternatively, complete the challenge by following the pages below and move through the steps one week at a time;  Join the Home Organization Tips Ezine here to keep in touch!

Go on, Get Organized Today!

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