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Dream Of Clean Month 4, Week 13

Bedroom Cleaning

Dream of Clean? You are at Month 4, Week 13 - Spend some time in organizing your bedroom (for the fourth time).

How? Follow the DOC Home Management Method:

Declutter; Organize; Clean;

First you will need to declutter - Last time in the bedroom, we went through the shoes and a clothes organizer. This time, we're also decluttering, but in a different space. Just try for 5 mins a day.

Then on to Organizing: There's some other places in your bedroom, that need to be organized and arranged. Read more below.

Thirdly - you can Clean! You might need to start with some deep cleaning first - but the list of jobs below are tasks that can be done in 5 mins!

Dream of Clean - Month 4 - Week 13 in the Bedroom


Go through drawers and shelves in armoire and dresser. Take old clothes you no longer wear to thrift stores. Toss out old unusable products like hair stylers, nail polish, wick-less candles, scent packets, etc.


Sort through any miscellaneous drawers. Determine, first, whether the drawers require further de-cluttering, and then ask yourself whether that drawer is the most logical place to keep the item.

Scan for miscellaneous items. Bedrooms can often get full of stuff that really belongs in other parts of the house. Sheets can go in the linen closet, movies and albums can go in the living room, etc.


Clean glass. This includes mirrors and windows. You can use a mixture of water and white vinegar on a damp cloth to wipe off spots. Dry and polish with a microfiber towel.  Paper towels are also effective in drying the window without streaks.

Dream of Clean Home Management Challenge

To organize your home, you need to begin one room at a time.

My latest ebook, "I Dream of Clean" helps you do that - working through zone by zone, in 3 easy steps - declutter, organize and clean. It organizes these tasks into 16 weeks and each week is already divided into daily tasks on a printable cleaning schedule.

Follow the step by step practical guide to home organization and bring your home into order with this house cleaning schedule with printable checklists.

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Alternatively, complete the challenge by following the pages below and move through the steps one week at a time;  Join the Home Organization Tips Ezine here to keep in touch!

Go on, Get Organized Today!

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