Home Organization Tips for your Bedroom -
Dream Of Clean Month 2, Week 5

Dream of Clean? You are at Month 2, Week 5 - Spend some time in organizing your bedroom (for the second time).

How? Follow the DOC Home Management Method:

Declutter; Organize; Clean;

First you will need to declutter - Last time in the bedroom, we went through the clothes drawer. This time, we're also decluttering, but in a different space. Just try for 5 miins a day.

Then on to Organizing: There's some other places in your bedroom, that need to be organized and arranged. Read more below.

Thirdly - you can Clean! You might need to start with some deep cleaning first - but the list of jobs below are tasks that can be done in 5 mins!

Dream of Clean - Month 2 - Week 5 in the Bedroom


Kid's Toys, Bookshelves and Desk Tops

Sort through the kids toys! Any really worn items that your children don't use anymore can be recylced, given away or, as a last resort, thrown out. Broken pencil crayons, toys missing eyes and feed, threadbare teddies - these are done. Get rid of them. (OK- if there is a huge sentimental tie to one of the items by a child - keep it for memories' sake - but beware you don't do that with everything that holds a memory!)


Now that you've sorted through and tossed a lot of kid's toys - you can re-organize them. Group the same toys together. Buy some boxes to keep them stored neatly. Find something that suits your space and meets your needs. Reorganize them in an attractive way, but also according to their purpose. If the box isn't opened over the course of the next year, you know you can pass it on next year to someone else.

Closet storge organizers - boxes or hanging storage units are one way to get things out of the way.

Also spend time checking and rearranging a bookshelf or desk in your room. Neaten and arrange the items that sit on top of it and make it a feature, rather than a dumping ground.


This week, concentrate on dusting. If you've spent time cleaning out toys and neatening up the bookshelves or desk tops, it's time to dust it all down. Wipe a slightly damp, warm cloth over electronics, surfaces, window sills, and baseboard edges. This will only take you five minutes once you get the hang of it. Go around the room instead of going back and forth. Make this a weekly job - or a weekly chore for one of your children.

The second cleaning job is to dust or wash your curtains. To dust blinds take a damp cloth and run them over each individual blind. If you need to do a deep clean, consider getting them professionally cleaned or lay them in a bathtub of hot water and vinegar and let them soak, then give them a quick shower or a spray down afterwards and lightly dry them with a soft towel. More on venetian blind cleaning.

Be careful washing your curtains and take note of the washing instructions. I washed one set and they shrunk! So, either see to having them professionally cleaned or check out the instructions carefully.

Dream of Clean Home Management Challenge

To organize your home, you need to begin one room at a time.

My latest ebook, "I Dream of Clean" helps you do that - working through zone by zone, in 3 easy steps - declutter, organize and clean. It organizes these tasks into 16 weeks and each week is already divided into daily tasks on a printable cleaning schedule.

Follow the step by step practical guide to home organization and bring your home into order with this house cleaning schedule with printable checklists.

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Alternatively, complete the challenge by following the pages below and move through the steps one week at a time;  Join the Home Organization Tips Ezine here to keep in touch!

Go on, Get Organized Today!

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