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A garden planner? Why?

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Even if you walk through your own neighbourhood, you will see a huge range of gardens - some meticulously cared for, others have one tree in the center of their yard, and still other gardens are non-existant and have been replaced by a concrete driveway.

What would help you to create your own leafy arbor appropriate to your unique setting?

It is difficult to know, but I have created some garden planner printable pages which will help the avid gardener to tick off the jobs per season, list the plants which will need attention according to a month, and pages where you can list the plants which need certain jobs. I hope the garden planner pages are useful to you. If you have ideas you would like to see represented in a garden planner page, drop me a note and I will put it on the site. 

Seasonal Gardening Pages:

Gardening Jobs:

So, what does a garden planner look like?

Everyone has a different garden with different sizes and requirements. A garden planner can simply be one page which has your garden design in mind; or a page on which you mark when your different plants begin to bloom; Perhaps you'd like a Job Chart for the year or by month - keeping you on track with all the garden jobs.

Check out the pages below and feel free to Click and Print the appropriate pages for your garden planner.

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