Free Printable Grocery List

Step 5: Use this Free Printable Grocery List to match your Weekly Menu Plan

At Step Five use this free printable grocery list to create your own shopping list which coincides with the weekly menu planning you have done in steps 1-4.

It is not difficult to do or follow, and at the end of this process you will have a weekly menu planner which will take the daily stress out of meal preparation.

If you have successfully followed steps 1- 4, you would have five "7 day meal planners" - one for each week of the month.

This is the last big step in creating a menu planner.

  1. Enter all the ingredients you need for the week's recipes into the Week One Grocery List. Add the ingredients for Breakfast, Lunch, Dinner, Snacks and Desserts. (You may need to refer back to Step Two: Weekly Menu Planning Template in which you added your favourite and new recipes with the ingredients and method.)

  2. Do this for each of the Weeks: Week 2 - Week 5. Click and print this printable grocery list.This pdf contains 7 day Meal Planner Templates and their corresponding grocery list. (24 pages)

Use this generic grocery shopping list to add in all the extra items to the weekly list - like toothpaste, cleaning products, paper products and so on.

The items are categorized with some extra spaces so you can add your own necessary items to the shopping list.

Spread out these expensive items over the 5 weeks. Some items may need to be bought twice over the month, other items may need to bought weekly and others may need to be bought once per month. Add these items accordingly over the grocery lists.

Covers available in the Menu Planner Guide

Create your own free Menu Planner with these Printable Pages:

Step 1:
Menu Ideas

Step 2:
New Recipes

Step 3:
Month of Menus

Step 4:
7 Day Template

Step 5:
Grocery List

Generic List

Extra Printables

Menu Planner Guide

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