Declutter by cleaning one countertop

In order to declutter I really like to have clean countertops. I think it is the visual appearance of having an open space that makes me feel better. So, within 5 minutes - you can get into the kitchen and clear off the clutter. Remove the pile of papers and rather than removing them to another spot - deal with them at that time. Bin them or file them; Then get rid of unwanted items. Sometimes you just need to look at the items you have cluttering your bench and be ruthless. Do I still want that vase that someone bought me 20 years ago? Can I pass it on? Minimize what needs to be on your bench. The less, the better. Unless you have a heap of bench space - put your appliances away and only keep out the ones you use on a daily basis. I think this is something you can do in 5 minutes! Enjoy your clean, decluttered bench top!

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