Cleaning Stainless Steel Sinks

by Rikki

Cleaning Stainless steel sinks is the way to make you feel good about your kitchen or laundry.

There's nothing one notices more than a dull, or dirty stainless steel sink. A shiny one can be the jewel of your culinary center.

The best thing you can do for a stainless steel sink is to clean it regularly with soap and water, and to dry it once you're finished in the kitchen. You can use vinegar to gain back the shine.

If your stainless steel sink requires a little TLC, then there are a few options for cleaning. One of the easiest is making a paste from baking soda and vinegar and using that to scrub your sink, including the edges and fixtures. You can really get in there with a toothbrush and get all the edges too.

Bleach also works great for returning the lustre to stainless steel, though be careful not to stain your clothing when using it. If your stainless steel sink needs some help you can leave it sit nearly full with warm water and bleach for a couple of hours. This will disinfect it and bring back the shine by removing grease residue and hard water stains.

Do not use these types of products when cleaning stainless steel sinks:
-harsh chemical detergents
-abrasive cleaners
-steel wool

These types of products can cause pitting in your sink and will also wear away the original finish.
Have fun shining!

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