Cleaning Hardwood Floors

by Rikki

Cleaning hardwood floors is an important part to keep them looking good not just for appearance's sake on a day to day basis, but for them to last and still look good. Dirt particles on a hardwood floor can actually cause your floor to become dull.

Thankfully they're simple and easy to clean. Just remember: water and wood do not mix.

The first thing you need to do when cleaning your hardwood floors is to remove and area rugs or mats and vacuum them thoroughly. Dirt getting caught under these rugs can actually cause scratching of the floor.

Next sweep your floor, or vacuum using a brush to avoid scratching the floor.

You can use two different solutions when cleaning hardwood floors. A diluted white vinegar in water solution will work, or Murphy's Oil Soap. Murphy's smells much better, but they both do the trick.

Wring your mop out very well. You never want to use a sopping wet mop on hardwood floors as this can damage the floor. Scrub away and either let dry or use a towel and your foot to do a manual dry.

If you keep on top of your floors they will last much longer and look much better. It takes a few steps, but it's easier than you think!

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