Best Destination Weddings

The best destination weddings are the ones that suit your budget, style and expectations. There is an option that is perfect for every couple. With so many places to get married in our world, deciding where to get married may help to determine when you tie the knot.

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The Wedding Planner is designed to help you get ready for the big day!

All the forms are available for you to fill in - either directly on your laptop or by pen on the printed version - to help you plan your wedding, week by week;

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The Complete Wedding Planner Printables E-Book

The Wedding Planner is designed to help you get ready for the big day!

All the forms are available for you to fill in - either directly on your laptop or by pen on the printed version - to help you plan your wedding, week by week;

Find out more about the Printable Wedding Planner

Adventure Weddings

Destination weddings to tropical locations are popular in every season

Adventure weddings are becoming increasingly more popular for couples. This usually involves exchanging vows in exotic or unusual locations and participating in activities not commonly associated with a wedding.

Activities that you might find included with an adventure wedding package are canoeing, back country skiing, dog sledding, snow shoeing and cycle touring to name a few.

Winter Destintation Wedding Ideas:

If you love winter and are looking for an extraordinarily unique (allbeit chilly) wedding, an ice hotel with an ice chapel are high on the list of the best destination weddings.

Since ice hotels are rebuilt every year and only open for a few weeks each winter, your wedding date will be determined by availability. The two most popular are the ice hotel Sweden and the ice hotel Quebec in Canada.

Maybe you like the thoughts of snow and ice and sleigh rides for your wedding but sleeping on a slab of ice in a mummy-style sleeping bag on your wedding night isn't your idea of fun. That sleeping bag really needs to be warm for me!

An Alaska destination wedding just might be perfect! Another option would be Alaska for your honeymoon and a cruise ship wedding. Most of the major cruise lines have wedding cruise packages to choose from.

On a Cruise Ship

Heart shaped island on a turquoise blue ocean

You could also get married on a cruise ship or a boat that isn't a large ocean liner. Many cities that sit on the water such as Toronto and Chicago have a variety of yachts and riverboats that host private cruise weddings.

Why not on the Rhine in Europe, the Murray River in Australia for a down-under wedding? You can rent the whole boat for the evening, get married and hold the reception in one location.

Beach Weddings

You may be thinking about getting married near the water but on the beach is more your taste. When most people think of beach destination weddings, they naturally think of the sun and sand. And while Caribbean weddings are very popular, and African weddings are increasing in popularity, your style may be more of the rugged beaches of Canada's west coast, such as the Wickaninnish Inn near the tiny resort town of Tofino, British Columbia or the gorgeous open beaches on the coasts of Australia.

When you think of the best destination weddings we certainly can't leave out Las Vegas. Wedding capital of the world, there are Las Vegas wedding packages to suit every taste and budget.

Perhaps you have always dreamt of getting married in Italy. There are numerous romantic places to get married in the country of love. A destination wedding Tuscany may well be near the top of your list.

Destination weddings in Costa Rica and destination weddings in Puerto Rico are also becoming increasingly popular due largely to their pristine beaches and breathtaking natural beauty.

Help in Planning the Best Destination Wedding

Regardless of where you decide to get married, once you have your heart set on a destination wedding, there is an extraordinary amount of planning to be done. Hiring a destination wedding planner who is familiar with your particular location is highly recommended. You want to hire someone who is intimately familiar with the language, customs and traditions as well as the venues. Hiring a wedding planner who lives in the area or a company who specializes in destination weddings is preferable.

Of course you can do it all yourself but you need to be sure you are taking everything into consideration, especially if you are getting married in a city or country to which you have never been before.

Is it possible to plan destination weddings on a budget? Of course, that's the only way to plan any wedding! Even though they tend to be less expensive than traditional weddings, it is still important to determine how much you plan to spend. All inclusive wedding packages are the best way to pull off cheap destination weddings. However the amount you spend will have a lot to do with where you live and where you want to go.

My advice? Sit down as a couple and decide what you really want and what you are trying to accomplish with a destination wedding. Some couples try to save money by combining a wedding with a honeymoon. Others have huge families and feeding them all would cost thousands. Others still have tiny families or only want a handful at their wedding and hosting a traditional ceremony doesn't make sense. The appeal of an exotic location or a once in a lifetime opportunity may be what is right for you. As you can see, the best destination weddings are different for every couple.

Best Destination Weddings - the best for your Guests?

Another thing to consider is your guests. By going on a destination wedding, you will make it difficult for some guests to come to your wedding. Family and friends are important and weddings should have a feeling on inclusion and support. Do you really want to limit your guests because of your expensive taste? Something to think about.

Popular Wedding Destinations to Escape the Cold

  • Cozumel, Mexico
  • Cancun, Mexico
  • Puerto Vallarta, Mexico
  • Hawaii
  • Punta Cana, Dominican Republic
  • Brazil
  • Anguilla
  • Antigua
  • Aruba
  • Bahamas
  • Costa Rica
  • Varadero, Cuba
  • Curacao
  • Puerto Plata, Dominican Republic
  • Grenada
  • Hawaii
  • Montego Bay, Jamaica
  • Negril, Jamaica
  • Republic of Panama
  • St. Lucia

Best Destination Weddings for the Winter Wedding

  • Maine
  • Colorado
  • Vermont
  • New Hampshire
  • Quebec City, Quebec
  • Whistler, British Columbia
  • Banff, Alberta
  • Sweden
  • Norway
  • Finland

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