Best Carpet Cleaning Methods

by Rikki

One of the best Carpet Cleaning Methods - is easier than you think!

Carpets are lovely, but keeping the carpets clean, can be such a pain.

Commercial carpet cleaners can be expensive are a full of chemicals that give off nasty vapors.

While my solution or carpet cleaning method may not smell wonderful it surely works and is much easier on both your carpets and the wellness in your home.

The answer is vinegar!

Pure white distilled vinegar is cheap and works wonders on carpets. Mix it with equal parts water and it cleans both your carpet and your carpet cleaning machine! I've even used it to scrub out a stain with a towel. You can use essential oils such as lavender or eucalyptus to scent it.
Open your windows to let out the smell.

Once your carpet dries you can't even smell the vinegar on it anymore.

Ammonia is another solution many people find effective. Mix a little lemon essential oil and the smell doesn't seem so bad. Use it just the way you'd use the vinegar.

These are my best carpet cleaning methods. They are amazing at lifting tough stains out of carpets.

They're both safe for steam cleaners and, best of all, they're easy on the budget!

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