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Home Organization Tips - Pantry Organization
November 14, 2011

Home Organizational Tips

Welcome to the Home Organizational Tips Ezine from Your-Printable-Planner.

Looking for some help to get organized? Ready to begin your weekly challenges to help you make a difference? You are at the right place - at the right time in your life.

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New Organizational Tip -Pantry Organization

It's a good thing most pantries have doors because oftentimes there's a huge mess of clutter hidden within them. Instead of tossing everything in there after every shopping trip consider spending ten or fifteen minutes organizing and cleaning up your pantry.

Here is what I suggest:

  1. First-take everything off the shelves. Sort into categories such as tinned foods, pastas, baking etc.
  2. Second - give the shelves a good wipe down.
  3. Third - Go through your sorted collection and decide what stays and what goes. Consider if anything you won't use is suitable to take to a Food Bank or homeless shelter.
  4. Fourth - Have a look at your pantry and plan where everything will go. For example it's easier to put cereals on lower shelves for the kids to reach. Put labels on anything that needs them such as flour and sugar.
  5. Fifth - Take all your items and put them neatly back in their designated areas. It's even better when you sort things in rows such as tomato sauce and tinned soups.

Take a look and enjoy your newly organized, uncluttered pantry. Now, when you go to prepare meals things are easy to find and you can even leave the door open for a few minutes without the fear of embarrassment!

Leave a comment on the Organizational Tips page here.

Weekly Challenge

I am not always as organized as I would like to be - so I will be writing challenges that I will also be trying to put into practice. I am not the 'pro' - but someone who knows the benefit of running a smooth household and so that's what I am also trying to do. Let's encourage eachother as we try these weekly challenges!

Let me know how you are going on Printable Planners Facebook Page- add your success and your failures - I will be doing that too.

This Week's Challenge

See if you can accomplish those 5 steps written above. Do you need it in smaller steps? Perhaps tackle one shelf at a time?

Sounds simple? Tell us how effective you were this week!

Printable Planners Facebook Page

What's New?

Okay... you're all excited about your very clean and neat pantry. Perhaps you would like to keep a list of what you have and what you are running low on.

Here is a Pantry Inventory for you to use.

Have fun!

Until next week....


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