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Home Organization Tips Cleaning Stainless Steel Sinks
November 07, 2011

Home Organizational Tips

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New Organizational Tip - Cleaning the Stainless Steel Sink

The kitchen is such a hive of activity in my busy home which also means that it can easily be the dumping spot, the place where dirty dishes are left behind.

One way to feel better about your day - is to maintain a clean kitchen and the first step is to clean your stainless steel sink.

There's nothing one notices more than a dull, or dirty stainless steel sink. A shiny one can be the jewel of your culinary center.

The best thing you can do for a stainless steel sink is to clean it regularly with soap and water, and to dry it once you're finished in the kitchen. You can use vinegar to gain back the shine.

If your stainless steel sink requires a little TLC, then there are a few options for cleaning. One of the easiest is making a paste from baking soda and vinegar and using that to scrub your sink, including the edges and fixtures. You can really get in there with a toothbrush and get all the edges too.

Bleach also works great for returning the lustre to stainless steel, though be careful not to stain your clothing when using it. If your stainless steel sink needs some help you can leave it sit nearly full with warm water and bleach for a couple of hours. This will disinfect it and bring back the shine by removing grease residue and hard water stains.

Do not use these types of products on stainless steel sinks: -harsh chemical detergents -abrasive cleaners -steel wool

These types of products can cause pitting in your sink and will also wear away the original finish. Have fun shining!

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Weekly Challenge

I am not always as organized as I would like to be - so I will be writing challenges that I will also be trying to put into practice. I am not the 'pro' - but someone who knows the benefit of running a smooth household and so that's what I am also trying to do. Let's encourage eachother as we try these weekly challenges!

Let me know how you are going on Printable Planners Facebook Page- add your success and your failures - I will be doing that too.

This Week's Challenge

Aim to have a clean kitchen sink every day this week. Start straight after breakfast. To help you do this make sure you have your detergent, a toothbrush, or the vinegar and baking soda mixture accessible. Use a teatowel which is ready for the wash to dry your sink and throw it straight in the washing machine.

How often was your sink shining this week? Let us know! Sounds simple? Tell us how effective you were this week!

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What's New?

Here is a Blank Cleaning Schedule for you to use.

It is not fancy, but this is a part of The Complete Household Notebook, in which I have added cleaning ideas for different rooms.

You can use this blank form to make your own.

For example, in the kitchen this week - you can use this blank form and create a cleaning schedule for your sink and list the cleaning products that you want to have handy just to do this job.

As we go along week by week - you can add other schedules - the other jobs you can do in your kitchen on a week by week basis - cleaning the outsides of the cupboard doors, cleaning above the cupboards, cleaning the fridge, organizing the pantry and so on.

The simple pdf can be used in a number of ways and is free for you to print and create your own cleaning schedule or list the products which work best to do your cleaning job.

Click and print the Blank Cleaning Schedule for your own use.

Have fun!

Until next week....


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