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Home Organization Tips, The "To Do" List
October 31, 2011

Home Organizational Tips

Welcome to the Home Organizational Tips Ezine from Your-Printable-Planner.

Looking for some help to get organized? Ready to begin your weekly challenges to help you make a difference? You are at the right place - at the right time in your life.

The E-zine has:

  1. The NEW Organizational Tip
  2. The Weekly Challenge
  3. What's New? - new products, pages, or printable sheets for you to add to your own printable planner.

New Organizational Tip - The To Do List

This may seem so ridiculously easy and silly for me to write down. However, sometimes in all my busyness you know those days that you wake up knowing that you wont quite stop until the minute you drop into bed... well, sometimes on those days I find my mind gets cluttered and over busy and I can hardly think straight. Then, Im not sure what to do and what to prioritize.

The simple organizational tip which I forget on these days in particular is to:

  1. Write a to-do list. Writing a list helps you to think straight and direct your thoughts to the most important things. Prioritize what is important. What do you really want to achieve? Even if it is only one thing - write it down.

  2. Then begin ( I always get dressed first ready to begin my day make my own bed so that there is some semblance of order) and then , Do the next thing. Sometimes the bits seem too big, but if you just begin with what needs to be done and continue following a list it gets done.

  3. Tick off your list!! Yeah! That is so much fun. Sometimes I even write a list after I have completed the jobs just so I can tick them off and feel like I accomplished something in the day. (yes, Im a bit crazy at times - but it gives you such a good sense of accomplishment!)

So, as simple as it sounds - Writing a To Do List is a good place to begin.

Click and Print this free Daily To Do List page - one of the useful pages you will find in The Complete Household Planner.

Weekly Challenge

I am not always as organized as I would like to be - so I will be writing challenges that I will also be trying to put into practice. I am not the 'pro' - but someone who knows the benefit of running a smooth household and so that's what I am also trying to do. Let's encourage eachother as we try these weekly challenges!

Let me know how you are going on Printable Planners Facebook Page- add your success and your failures - I will be doing that too.

This Week's Challenge

At the end of each day this week, write a To Do List for the following day.

Then, when you begin your day - (maybe at breakfast) - check the list and mark each item off during the day as you achieve it. If you have not done what is on your list for that day - add it to tomorrow's list or on to another day's To Do List.

Sounds simple? Tell us how effective you were this week!

Printable Planners Facebook Page

What's New?

What is the latest to help you create a To Do List?

Well, for those who are tech-savvy - you probably like to work with your iphone or smart phone and add a to-do-list right on to an organizer.

I haven't used these - but you can find all sorts of Productivity Apps - many for free and available as Android devices. Hopefully something will suit your needs.

I like using the sticky notes which are on my computer screen.

There are also a number of organizational software packages which have To Do Lists.

However, for me.... I like the old pen and paper. I write in my planner and add the details in the To Do column next to each day.

Click and Print this free Daily To Do List.

Whatever works for you - find a way; Find an old notebook; A Diary; an online resource; a phone or use other pages in The Complete Household Planner - help you get organized and create your To Do Lists this week!

Have fun!

Until next week....


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