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Dream of Clean Challenge Week 4
September 17, 2012

Dream of Clean Challenge Week Four

Welcome to the Home Organizational Tips Ezine from Your-Printable-Planner.

Looking for some help to get organized? How did you go in the Living Room last week? If you didn't get to finish the jobs, don't worry - we'll be back there in a month! This week we are in the Bathroom! You won't have too much to do here - but it is time to set up some routines. Ready?

The E-zine has:

  1. The Place to Get Organized - Tackling the Bathroom
  2. The DOC Weekly Challenge
  3. What's New? - new products, pages, or printable sheets for you to add to your own printable planner.

Working in the Bathroom

Dream of Clean? You are at Month 1, Week 4 - Spend some time in freeing up space in your bathroom.

Follow the DOC Home Management Method:


First we are going to declutter - Your declutter list or plan will be unique to you as you only know what there is, how much of it there is, and where it is.

Then on to Organizing: Now that some of the extras have been removed - you can start to organize - keeping similar items in logical places;

Thirdly - you can Clean! Make a fresh start in your living room space!

DOC Weekly Challenge

Dream of Clean - Month 1, Week 4 in the Bathroom
declutter your bedroom Okay - it's time to sort through makeup and get rid of anything that is old or expired. To begin with, I can throw away a heap of nail polishes that I just don't use and are really quite ancient, just collecting dust and taking up space. If you don't use it or don't like it, get rid of it or give it to someone who will use it. Check out the cosmetic organier above.
organize your bedroom


Now, Organize any cleaning products that you have under your sink and get rid of any that you don't use.

Consider purchasing a bathroom bucket (what do you think of this bathroom tote with holes in the bottom to help leakage?) to keep all your items in one separate container that you can easily pull out whenever you want to clean.

I have done this for the bathrooms in my house. One bucket per bathroom with the necessary cleaning essentials (rags, window cleaner, scrubbing brush, disinfectant toilet cleaner, cream cleanser...)

clean your bedroom

Ready for the cleaning job? Scrub and clean the toilet. Use an anti-bacterial cleanser like vinegar and hot water with a few drops of eucalyptus essential oil. Make sure you wipe the back and the bottom of the toilet as well, as these areas collect dust fast. Athought, this week, you really need to get out the scrubbing brush, you should definitely add this cleaning job to your weekly schedule.

If you have limited space, you may consider adding a space saver unit to your bathroom. Great for looks as well as extra storage.

How did you go? Let us know here:Printable Planners Facebook Page

Have an organizing tip? Add it here: Home Organizing and Cleaning Tips.

What's New?

To help you with this Week's challenge check out Organized A-Z website where you will find great products for storage in all rooms of the house. You might find these suitable in your bathroom.

Back in the kitchen, you might like to check out spice racks. I have found a great variety of spice racks just to neaten your pantry and keep it organized. What suits your pantry?

Want to get organized? For me - I love to add my details, and my 'to-do' list right into a planner. If you like a pen and paper planner, you'll love using this 2012-2013 Complete Household Planner.

Add the list of what you want to achieve in your living room to your household notebook.

Have fun!

Until next week....


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