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Dream of Clean Challenge Week 3
September 09, 2012

Dream of Clean Challenge Week Three

Welcome to the Home Organizational Tips Ezine from Your-Printable-Planner.

Looking for some help to get organized? How did you go in the Kitchen last week? If you didn't get to finish the jobs, don't worry - we'll be back there in a month! This week we are in the Living Room! You won't have too much to do here - but it still may be difficult. It's time to cull and make those difficult decisions.... One step at a time... Ready?

The E-zine has:

  1. The Place to Get Organized - Tackling the Living Room
  2. The DOC Weekly Challenge
  3. What's New? - new products, pages, or printable sheets for you to add to your own printable planner.

Working in the Living Room

Dream of Clean? You are at Month 1, Week 3 - Spend some time in freeing up space in your living room.

Follow the DOC Home Management Method:


First we are going to declutter - Your declutter list or plan will be unique to you as you only know what there is, how much of it there is, and where it is.

Then on to Organizing: Now that some of the extras have been removed - you can start to organize - keeping similar items in logical places;

Thirdly - you can Clean! Make a fresh start in your living room space!

DOC Weekly Challenge

Dream of Clean - Month 1, Week 3 in the Living Room
declutter your bedroom

De-clutter items on visible shelves and mantles. Any items that don't add to the décor or serve a purpose can be given away, sold, or used strategically elsewhere.

It's time to be ruthless. Do you really need to keep that tacky souvenir or is it time to give it away? Maybe it is now a collectible and you can see it on Ebay? Make those decisions - why do you keep items that have no attachment, are out of date and could be used by someone else? Do you have a few of the same items which are now just collecting dust? Time to go!

organize your bedroom

Twist tie or band wires together at the back of the television where cables meet those of your DVD player, Nintendo Wii, speakers, et cetera. This makes less of a tangled mess in the back. If you have these electronic items in other places of the house - try going around and neatening cords this week.

Organize feature shelves or mantles to be attractive and not busy. Home magazines are a great inspiration for creating features in home spaces out of items you already have, such as artwork, framed photographs, and special interest or collectors items.

The tricky thing here - is not to add 'junk', but to re-arrange what you have. Perhaps, in your sorting process, you might like to update a few items, but make sure you get rid of old things first. Remember, "In one, out two!"

clean your bedroom

Wipe down electronics like your television, DVD player, and stereo with a warm, damp cloth. Make sure everything is unplugged before you do this as a precaution.

Ok- It's not rocket science, but if you've decluttered those places, sorted out junk, and maybe re-organized a few things at this stage, wipe it down and create the fresh look.

How did you go? Let us know here:Printable Planners Facebook Page

Have an organizing tip? Add it here: Home Organizing and Cleaning Tips.

What's New?

The 2013 Pages for the Complete Household Notebook are ready!

Not only are there family pages, budget pages, menu planner pages, phonebook pages, there are also daily printables, weekly printables over 1 page and over 2 pages, monthly goal charts, yearly calendar pages - both in portrait and in landscape format. These are now available for 2012 and 2013!

Want to get organized? For me - I love to add my details, and my 'to-do' list right into a planner. If you like a pen and paper planner, you'll love using this 2012-2013 Complete Household Planner.

Add the list of what you want to achieve in your living room to your household notebook.

Have fun!

Until next week....


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