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Dream of Clean Challenge Week 1
August 23, 2012

Dream of Clean Challenge Week One

Welcome to the Home Organizational Tips Ezine from Your-Printable-Planner.

Looking for some help to get organized? Ready to begin your weekly challenges to help you make a difference? You are at the right place - at the right time in your life.

The E-zine has:

  1. The Place to Get Organized - The Bedroom
  2. The DOC Weekly Challenge
  3. What's New? - new products, pages, or printable sheets for you to add to your own printable planner.

Working in the Bedroom

Dream of Clean? You are at Month 1, Week 1 - Spend some time in organizing your bedroom.

It's time to work on the bedroom. Start with the master bedroom and if you accomplish these tasks in the first few days of the week, tackle these tasks on another bedroom in the house. If not, it's okay - every month we will tackle the same room again (but doing a different task).

How? Follow the DOC Home Management Method:


First you will need to declutter - try 5 minutes a day; Your declutter list or plan will be unique to you as you only know what there is, how much of it there is, and where it is. But here is a list of things in your bedroom whihc you will need to sort through bit by bit.

Then on to Organizing: Now that your shelves have been cleared of excess 'junk' - it's time to organize - keeping similar items in logical places;

Thirdly - you can Clean! You might need to start with some deep cleaning first - but the list of jobs below are tasks that can be done in 5 mins!

DOC Weekly Challenge

Dream of Clean - Month 1, Week 1 in the Bedroom; Let's Go!
declutter your bedroom Declutter Clothing: Go through clothes one drawer at a time. Anything with the tags still on can be put online on sites like Ebay or sold in a consignment store, while other items can be given away, repurposed or sold at a discount. Go through your undergarment drawers and toss out anything with holes or excessive wear in them. Time to go shopping!
organize your bedroom


Sort clothes into closet sections, shelves or drawers. Organize shirts in one drawer, pants in another; You can also sort by work clothes and leisure clothes. It's up to you - as long as it makes life easier to find certain items, especially if you are in a rush.

if you have more time this week - move from room to room doing the same thing in each bedroom.

clean your bedroom Pick up laudry. This task can be completely skipped if it is a part of your daily routine (see the home management page). If everyone is good at picking up their laundry and bringing it to the dirty washing basket or into the laundry - that will make your job easier. This week - aim to make new plans to get your family to clean up after themselves and at least deposit the laundry in the right place. The floor is not the right place for dirty socks!

And now, that your bedroom has improved - add a candle, or a bunch of flowers. Ta Da! Well done for Week One!

How did you go? Let us know here:Printable Planners Facebook Page

What's New?

The 2013 Pages for the Complete Household Notebook are almost ready!

They are going through their final check, and I hope that by the weekend, you will see the new planner available with all the pages ready for 2013.

Not only are there family pages, budget pages, menu planner pages, phonebook pages, there are also daily printables, weekly printables over 1 page and over 2 pages, monthly goal charts, yearly calendar pages - both in portrait and in landscape format.

Want to get organized? For me - I love to add my details, and my 'to-do' list right into a planner. If you like a pen and paper planner, you'll love using this 2012-2013 Complete Household Planner.

Have fun!

Until next week....


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