5 Top Reasons to be Organized

To make life a bit easier and smoother - here are my 5 TOP reasons to become more organized.

how to get organized

1. Conquer the To Do List

Do you often feel snowed under the "To Do" list. Truthfully, that is where I sometimes feel. My list mounts up in front of me and I don't know where to begin. Having a system and getting yourself organized enough to follow it can help you conquer the "To Do" List.

2. Eat well and have a Meal Plan

When you are organized, you have the time to plan meals. Once a week, you can open your menu planner, add a new meal or just go with a 7 day meal plan you have already created. With the menu planner, you will have inserted the right ingredients you need for the week, and after doing a one-week shop, you have your ingredients ready for your creative week of cooking.

save money by having a menu planner

3. Save Money

Don't you just hate darting off to the supermarket every few days to pick up the groceries you need for lunches, dinner and more. When I find myself doing that, I know I am not organized. It's not only a pain to drag yourself out for another excursion, it also is a pest because you find yourself spending more money. Having a list, (the list you created when putting your weekly meal list together), will ensure you go to the shops to get what you need, and not what you just feel like at the time. The temptation as you dawdle past the shops once again is to pop in and out of other shops, without really intending to do that, and picking up useless items which were not on your budget.

losing keys

4. Find your keys

This is one of the things I hate the most about not being organized. "Where are the keys?" If I am organized, I will know that they are hanging on the 'key hook' where they should be, and where I have placed them after coming in the door. It makes sense to live your life returning things to their own home - everything in your house should have its own home and if you are organized, you will know where everything is. No more frustrations of losing the keys!!

5. Don't wear yourself out!

If you are feeling snowed under and worn out, it is because you don't have your systems in place. Simple systems are:

  • Put things back straight away;
  • Deal with correspondence as soon as you get it and file it (in the bin, to the in-box) or deal with it right then and there;
  • Clean up messes when they happen;
  • Spend 5 minutes picking up items and putting them away before you go to bed;
  • Spend 10 minutes a day de-cluttering - one room at a time;
  • Make your own Household Notebook or planner to help you keep on top of all the things you need to do!