Wedding To Do List for the year

This is the Wedding To Do List. checklist
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The Wedding To Do Lists works alongside of your Wedding To Do Calendar.

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Once you have set the wedding date, you can click and print off the Wedding To Do Lists for each month. Here you can specifically list all the jobs you need to do month by month in order of "Top Priority" to "If I have time."

Depending on how long you have to organize your wedding - you may need to print out the whole year or only the months you have leading up to the event. Things you will put on the page include - when to buy the rings, booking the wedding reception venue, choosing flowers, buying or making thankyou gifts and wedding favours. 

You can see the whole list of jobs on the wedding calendar checklist page or scroll on the left navigation bar to what you need to do next.

The image you can see on the right is for 2009, but your download is up to date and contains one page for each month with the title To Do Lists.

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