Handy list of Great Wedding Reception Food Ideas

Wedding Reception Food Ideas are as varied as Wedding Reception Locations! In fact, the wedding reception food ideas can often be determined by the type of wedding reception location you will have as well as by the time of the day.

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wedding reception food ideas

Use the printable wedding planner page on the left, to enter in your planning details on the wedding reception food ideas below. These reception food ideas are based on wedding receptions at different times of the day as well as your budget.

The Wedding Reception Food Ideas Printable has 8 pages - one for each of the 7 ideas listed below (Breakfast Brunch, Luncheon, Afternoon Tea, Dessert only, Dinner:Buffet, Dinner:Sit down, Dinner: Food Station) as well as a generic printable as shown for your unique wedding reception food idea and time.

Make the choice to suit you and your budget! Add all your planning notes to the printable wedding planner pages provided!

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So, how can you be creative when it comes to wedding reception food? Here's some quick ideas to start you thinking:

Time of the Day:

The price of the wedding reception always relates to the food involved and the food will be different depending on the time of the day you have your wedding reception.

For example, you may have a Wedding Brunch (10.00-12.00) after an early morning wedding.

Wedding Brunch

  • Food is simpler to prepare for a wedding brunch and thus will not be as expensive;
  • Wedding reception Food ideas: Croissants with a selection of marmalades and jams, fresh fruit, pancakes or waffles, specialty sausages, bacon, smoked salmon, a chef making custom omelettes, crepes etc where the guests can choose their toppings; freshly squeezed juices;
  • More time to get away after the reception - if you are leaving on a flight or beginning a driving holiday or just want some extra time together after the crowds have left - a breakfast brunch works really well.

Alternatively, you could have a luncheon from 12.00-2pm

Wedding Luncheon Reception Ideas

  • A luncheon is less expensive than a dinner reception and this time of the day lends itself well to outdoor reception ideas.
  • Some food ideas for a luncheon include: Variety of salads, pasta dishes, Cold meat platters, antipasto, light drinks

Another idea is to hold an afternoon tea from 2 - 5pm

Afternoon Tea Wedding Food Ideas

  • Also great for an outdoor reception, - like a picnic, with rugs and baskets filled with delightful goodies; or a high tea;
  • This is not a full meal - but can be filled with many interesting styles of finger food;
  • Some food ideas: Finger sandwiches with crusts removed, fresh fruit, scones with jam and cream, petit fours, selection of teas, (great for the high tea look) or small cup cakes for the wedding cake; More wedding cake ideas here.

Ever thought of a late night party?

Dessert Only Late Wedding Reception

This is possible for those who don't mind a late night, and have already eaten. You would need to consider if this would work for your particular guest list - but this can be a lot of fun.

  • Not a full meal - but rich in flavour! - especially for the sweet tooth!
  • Some ideas for food at this wedding reception: extensive assortment of rich desserts, Chocolate fountain with accompanying fruits, Candy buffet(this is a lot of fun! - make your own lolly bags!), specialty coffee, mocha and other hot drinks, cheese platters, antipastos and dips

Evening Wedding Reception

The evening wedding reception is the most traditional of all wedding receptions and also the most expensive. However, there still are different choices for the sort of food you may enjoy and the style you set up for the evening wedding reception.

  • Buffet Style: Guests serve themselves from a variety of dishes: meat, vegetable, salad selection set out on long tables;
  • Sit down Meal: Guests are served by waiters; Usually there are two available meals and given to the guests alternately; Entree, main course, dessert and coffee; The menu is decided upon by the couple;
  • Food Stations - finger food: In a more casual style, tables are scattered around the wedding reception venue, where guests can mingle and choose their finger foods, cold meats, dips,
  • Food Stations - sit down Buffet Style; Guests can choose from a variety of food stations where the possibilities are endless as far as food choice and ideas; Guests fill their plate and try different cuisines.

These wedding reception food ideas provide the couple with choice depending on the time of the day for the reception as well as the price you want to spend for your reception. Enjoy your planning.

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