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Making your Wedding Guest List 

Looking after your Guests

How do you go about making your wedding guest list? Who do you invite and how many?

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wedding guest list

Many bridal couples can find that what they thought would be a "simple" task turns into a stressful part of their planning. I hope to make your job easier by walking you through some important considerations.

This free wedding planner guest list can be printed to help you make the list, arrange the seating and take note of different requirements.

When you click and print the wedding guest list - you will have the option of printing as many copies as you like of:

  • A Guest List
  • Wedding Seating Arrangement Page
  • Accommodation Requirements Page
  • Special Food Requirements Page

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Making your Wedding Guest List

Number of Guests

People or Place: As a couple, one really important thing you need to prioritize in your mind is - whether it is more important for you to share your day with a huge number of family and friends in a simpler fashion, OR whether you would rather have a smaller amount of guests in a more extravagant setting.

It doesn't need to be either/or, but it is definitely a large factor in making your wedding guest list. For example, you might choose to have all your friends and family from everwhere, and then go for a simpler lunch or wedding finger food reception. On the other hand, if you are considering a fancy sit-down meal in a high class reception venue, you may need to spend more time limiting the number of guest you invite to share your special day.

Of course - you can have both by enjoying an open afternoon tea for everyone, directly after the wedding at the church hall or wedding venue and then a special reception afterwards with a limited amount of guests.

So, when considering the guest list, you will need to consider:

  • Number of Guests
  • Budget - how much will the reception cost per head?
  • Family members - who to invite (cousins, aunts, nieces, nephews)
  • Children (will all the children come or will you set an age appropriate limit?)

Looking after your Wedding Guests

There are some further considerations once you have decided who you will invite. Remember, you do not need to do all these tasks yourself. Identify what needs doing and include your family members to take care of the needs below. There's a printable planning sheet you can give to them to help them sort out these needs.

printable wedding planner

Seating: Help others have a great night at your wedding by being careful as to where you place your guests; Is there family tension? Consider this. It is okay to mix up the bride and groom's friends if you like. Consider ages and mutual interests. Except the fact that this job may be really difficult, and you may not be able to cover everything perfectly, just try, but don't stress too much.

Food Allergies: Here's another job for you to delegate to a caring family member. If some of your wedding guests have food allergies that you know about, ask the reception venue or the catering company what alternatives they have. Take note of these on your printable wedding planner page - Wedding Guest List.

Accommodation: If some guests are travelling overseas or interstate to get to your wedding, you will need to arrange accommodation for them, as well as travel to/from the airport, wedding and reception. Don't fuss with all these details yourself - this is an ideal time to delegate!

Disabilities: Another job to delegate! If some of your guests have special needs (wheelchair access etc), check it out with the reception venue and wedding venue.

  • Looking after your Guests
  • Seating Arrangements
  • Food Requirements
  • Accommodation
  • Disabilities

Click and Print the Wedding Guest List page and enjoy putting your guest list together.

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