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Okay... Ready to organize house with these helpful tips and advice?

This page is the second page in the home organization ideas - the second step in organizing your home -

I like to think of home organization in these steps:

  1. Declutter - your mind and your house
  2. Organize - this page!
  3. Clean

Now, since you have started to declutter and remove the excess that is in your home - by filing papers, cleaning messes, throwing out and bringing surplus materials to a Charity, you are ready to organize what is left. Let's go.

Organize One Room at a Time

To organize your home, you need to begin one room at a time.

Join with me - in the DOC Challenge (Declutter / Organize / Clean).  Follow the step by step weekly and monthly organizational tips to get you going one room at a time.

Since you have just spent time decluttering, it is easier to see what is left and put it in places that make sense. You may find yourself looking for storage solutions to help organize what is left. If you have the money, you may find yourself enjoying a visit to a showroom full of organizational treats - or otherwise, be creative and design some yourself - change your old furniture into a sensible storage idea or search for a clever secondhand alternative.

Bedroom Storage Ideas

In a bedroom, check out ways to maximize your cupboard space or underbed space. You can store winter/summer clothes away in special storage bags which remove the air and can be stored under a bed without getting dusty or mouldy.

Ideas such as space saver bags, under bed shoe storage ideas, ways to use hanging closet organizers, kids storage ideas and storage cubes and boxes.

Kitchen Storage Ideas

In the kitchen, the scope of organizational products is huge. There are space savers in cupboards (really cool shelving ideas, ways to stack plates or hold cups), but if you have a budget, you might just need to keep it simple and pack things together in a way which makes sense to you. If you are short on room, get rid of the trinkets and the odds and ends. On the other hand, keep your own style - so if you are a second hand shopper - enjoy your quirky buys and display what you can to exhibit your artistic flair. (There's got to be beauty in organizing too!)

Check out ways to use drawer dividers,slide out pantry ideas to save on space, spice racks for beauty as well as functionality and other great kitchen storage ideas.

Lounge room storage Ideas

In the lounge, you may think of units which can hold your CD/DVD collection; even a makeshift shelf made of planks of wood and bricks is a helpful place to keep your sound equipment, magazines, audio/video collections.

Bathroom Storage ideas

I love small boxes and these are especially handy for holding a selection of things you might have in your bathroom;

Larger buckets can be useful to keep your cleaning products. I have 2 main bathrooms in my home and in each one I have a bucket with the necessary cleaning items - scrubbing brush, cream cleanser, anti-bacterial/ disinfectant wipe, wiping cloths and so on.

space saver for the bathroom
lipstick organizer

shower caddy

Here are some ideas to help you organize your house.

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Organization Tips

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