Monthly Printable Calendars 2015 for Free!

Have you ever been caught out with friends on your doorstep and you hadn't remembered they were coming for tea? Or don't you just hate those phone-calls from a specialist you've been waiting to see to say you've missed the appointment!

On this page you will find monthly printable calendars both in portrait and in landscape format with spaces for you to write in important details such as appointments, dinner dates, outings and so on.

Portrait Free Calendar Printables 2015

When I make my printable planner, I always include 12 monthly printable calendars. If you like to make a weekly or daily planner, you could add the monthly calendar printables between the pages to separate each month.

Some useful tips:

  1. Print the monthly printable calendars on cardstock
  2. Print them on coloured pages to help you identify different months.
  3. Block out your holidays in colour.
  4. Use different coloured pens or markers for birthdays/ appointments/ family events/ sports

Print off the monthly calendars for 2015 here. This is the exact version you will receive in the Complete Household Notebook 2015.

Click here for the landscape version of the 2015 monthly calendar printables.

In between the monthly calendar pages, I like to print off the daily pages (with note boxes, small calendar boxes, to do lists);  These are pages for each day of the year.

Alternately, you could print off weekly pages (over 1 page or over 2) - to detail appointments and events and view them for an entire week.

All the calendar pages are also available in the Complete Household Planner below.

Complete Household Planner Includes:

The Complete Household Notebook meets all your planning needs; Choose your pages- Click and Print;

Buy Individually or as one downloadable Notebook! $8.95

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