Free Printable Wedding Planner

Congratulations! ... you've just become engaged!

What an exciting moment!

And now you're looking forward to the most perfect wedding! - Your dream day!

Yes! There is a lot to do - and a lot to remember - but don't be overwhelmed!

Using this free Wedding Planner Checklist you will tick off items one at a time as you move closer to the exciting day.

Enjoy planning your wedding every step.

Click and Print the wedding planner printables below into a free wedding planner book. Then over the weeks and months ahead you can relax knowing all your tasks have been completed on time.

The Complete Wedding Planner Printables E-Book

The Wedding Planner is designed to help you get ready for the big day!

All the forms are available for you to fill in - either directly on your laptop or by pen on the printed version - to help you plan your wedding, week by week;

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Create your own free printable wedding planner with these pages.

wedding checklist

Wedding Checklist

winter wedding reception

Wedding Reception

wedding to do list

To Do Calendar

wedding theme ideas

Wedding Theme Ideas

guest book for wedding

Guest List

wedding ceremony music

Ceremony Music

wedding invitation ideas


homemade wedding favor ideas

Wedding Favors

wedding cake ideas

Wedding Cakes

wedding photography ideas

Photography Tips and Reminders

brides gown and suits

Gowns and Suits

wedding flower ideas

Flower Ideas

  • When I planned my own wedding, I created a planning checklist for each of the important tasks. Choose the pages you would like and Click and Print the wedding check list you need below.
  • I placed the tasks in order of urgency. For example, choosing a location to hold the reception was definitely one of the first items we needed to plan. Below you can choose from the printable wedding planner pages available to click and print.
  • I then added a To Do Calendar which outlined the important tasks which needed to be done month by month.
  • Lastly, I used file dividers to separate my sections and placed it into a 3 ringed file. Alternatively, the wedding planner could be bound, but I found that as I received information (brochures, price lists and so on), I could easily punch holes into the material and file it directly behind my checklist or I could place the brochures etc into plastic sleeves. Once the decision had been made, I then removed the excess advertising brochures and happily tossed them in the bin.
  • That's it! Your printable planner to prepare for your wedding is created and ready to be used as your month to month checklist to help keep you on track and ready for the BIG DAY!
  • You will find free printables - wedding planner templates for you to click and print - on the pages below.

Leave Free Printable Wedding Planners; Make your job easier - Download the Complete Wedding Planner here.

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