Complete Household Notebook 2015 -
At last you can be organized!

"If only I could be more organized!" is a lament often heard from busy mothers, and many agree that discovering how to get organized is sometimes even more daunting than actually getting there. After having designed and used a Household Notebook for many years to organise my busy home with six children and experiencing the benefits of being organized in my personal life, I have refined my notebook into The Complete Household Notebook.

The Complete Household Notebook is filled to the brim with planner forms and templates for you to use and print.

It's never been easier to get organized!

Inside the Complete Household Planner you will find daily and weekly printables, budget forms, meal planning forms, calendar pages, monthly goals and to do lists, as well as cleaning schedules and much, much more. Numerous ebook files (for easy reference) combined into one!

Organize your home and life now and enjoy the calm it brings to a household. Setting up plans and routines - in order to bring peace!

Tips on how to use the Complete Household Notebook

Firstly, you would be pleased to know - it's really very,  very simple!

Download the package on to your computer and open up the folders. Pick and choose from the variety of  template designs that you think will work best for you in 2015 and print.

Print off calendar pages, weekly or daily printables and more! Whatever you might select to organize your life and place into your household notebook.

Print off the covers and dividers you choose and either bind your new Household Notebook with a ring binder or use a three hole punch and place your pages into a file.

For more information on setting up your planner, go to the household notebook steps page.

What's the Price to Get Organized in 2015?

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What's IN the Household Planner Package?

Calendar Pages - Which month is it?

Every Organization Planner needs calendar pages, so in this package you will find a set of portrait calendar pages for 2015.

Daily Planner Printables - for those who love detail..

If you love having one page to cover every single day of the year, you will love this daily planner template. It has room for you to add shopping items for the day, specific goals as well as a small calendar box on each page. 

Plus checkboxes! 

The sample pages you see are for 2014 - but they're all updated now!

Weekly Planner Printables - one week at a time..

Some of you may just need a small amount of room to write in your weekly details - so there is a set of weekly planner pages for you!

However, I find it difficult to fit it in on one page and like to see it over a double page spread - so I have also created a weekly planner over 2 pages.

They are both available in the downloaded package so you can choose what suits your needs best.

Home Management Pages - Getting the house in order..

What do you need to do to organize your home?

Master To Do List

To Do List

  • Weekly Routine Chart
  • Daily Routine Chart
  • House Cleaning Chore List
  • House Cleaning Schedules - laminate one for each room in the house  and more
  • Family Pages - If only I wrote down the Birthday Idea..

    Some really useful pages in your Household Planner are:

    Personal information on each family member

    Clothing sizes to help you when shopping

  • Birthday Gift Ideas
  • Birthdates per month
  • Birthday Party Ideas
  • Books to Read
  • DVDs to watch
  • Internet passwords and details
  • Things to remember
  • House renovation ideas
  • Camping Checklist
  • Picnic Checklist and more..
  • Phone Directory Pages - Where's the number?

    Contact lists:

    Where did I put that number??

  • Sports,
  • Restaurants,
  • Church,
  • Family,
  • Friends,
  • Emergency
  • Menu Planner - What's Cooking tonight?

    All the meal planning templates from the Menu Planner Guide.

  • Menu Ideas Chart
  • New Recipes
  • Printable Grocery List - to print and use as a checklist in your household notebook
  • Budget Pages - Money Matters..

    Includes pages such as: Personal Budget Spreadsheet - Annual, Monthly, Weekly Budget Planning Pages

  • Bills to pay, Home Renovation Ideas and Cost Page,   Home inventories including a pantry inventory

  • What's the price to get organized in 2015?  Only $8.95US

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